Sunday, June 01, 2008

2 still to lay!

Here we are again. June is here, so where is the sun?

I have had complaints that my blog hasn't been updated for a while, so here you go!

Busy week at work and the days off seem to fly by.

Shirley is better now, back to her old self. She still hasn't laid an egg though. Her breast feathers are coming through blonde which is a worry. I have told her that blondes don't always have more fun, but she is loving the look! Laverne is still on strike, but Winifred, Elsbeth and Pru are keeping us well supplied with eggs.

The recent rain has made the garden blossom. The beech hedge I planted earlier in the year is in full leaf, but needs tying in to hide a mould of rubble/weeds left behind by the builders. It is too much to move, so will disguise it.

Most of my veggies are now in. Must remember to keep planting bits and bobs to make sure we have salad all summer. Desperate for a poly tunnel after visiting Lesley's farm on Sunday. It was so warm in there and really would be a bonus in the winter. The pigs were tempting too, but I couldn't smuggle one out in the Mini! *wink*

I have been 'approached' by someone wanting to sell my jams, jellies and Christmas puddings! We will see if it comes to anything, but I do like the idea of it. Need to think of a brand! They will pick up my produce from the house and sell it at a local market. I could do biscuits and cakes as well.

Made chilli and cottage pie for the freezer today. I bought some mince from Lesley, who raises her own livestock. The meat is so tender and delicious. Will be placing further orders I think. Still have 4 sirloin steaks in the freezer too!

It's getting dark now so had better go and shut the girls in for the night. I started writing this hours ago. Dinner got in the way, as did a few phone calls.

One more day off then 5 days at work :0( Will update again soon.

Night night.

C x x x

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