Monday, June 09, 2008

New bunting??

Greetings from Frankfurt! Only 3 more days until I am off for 2 weeks!

A glorious day yesterday. Really sunny and warm. Jase left at 8am and I got up and ready for the day. Thought I would weed the front garden and then mulch with bark chippings.

Went out to see the girls and was greeted by a hunched up, unhappy Shirley.

As she was still unwell and I made the decision to take her to see the vet yesterday. I called up and made an appointment and was surprised that they were open on a Sunday, When I got there, the doors were locked so I called. Was told that the appointment was at the Stonehenge branch. Had no idea where I was going, so headed off down a country lane to find it. At one point I thought I was in Kansas, a long country lane with fields either side. Could have been anywhere apart my own door step! It is amazing what is hidden down a country lane.

I finally found the vets and we think she has sour crop. Not a nice thing. The vet tried to flush her crop out but didn't work too well. He gave her some probiotic powder and a massive antibiotic and we have to hope for the best. I don't think she has been too well for a while, but I thought it was just a few soft eggs and nothing too serious.

Got back home and let her out of the cat basket, she went straight into the eglu and sat on the nest. Poor girl.

I had to leave for work and 4pm and really didn't want to leave her. She is in the blue eglu with her old pal Laverne, so hopefully she will be ok. I have some tablets to give her when I get back on Tuesday. It is times like this that I can't stand the job. I want to be at home to look after her. *sobs*

Next door said they would pop in and keep an eye on her.

I decided to water the garden at 2pm (not an ideal time) as it is going to be hot for a couple of days. The newly planted front garden got a thorough soaking, so that should be ok until I get home. Really do need to set up the watering system for the veggie garden. There is nothing worse than sowing seeds, tending to seedlings, only to have them turn into little crispy things after a couple of days away. Has happened a few times this year.

The spinach and chard plants are 3 ft tall and have gone to seed. I have several courgettes/pumpkins still to be planted out and feel that summer is running away with me. I have time next week to get things in the ground though.

The potatoes are very impressive. The king edwards in the raised bed are massive and the potato bags are also doing well.

I am in Aberdeen tonight and home late tomorrow night, Have two 'available' days on Wednesday and Thursday, so will see what wonders they are filled with. *rolls eyes*

I also missed the social highlight of the year yesterday. The local village Fete. A few stalls with bric a brac, one for plants, bottles, and the obligatory coconut shy and cake stall! Never mind. We did give them lots of bottles for the raffle and I grew some rather impressive beans for the plant stall. Hope they raised lots of money for the village.

I missed the head of the WI, frantically waving, shouting 'Yoo hoo, flying boys' (as we are known) across the field, as she did last year!

What are they raising money for? Who knows? The bus stop was re-thatched 2 years ago, big news for the village. Maybe a new urn for the village hall? It was for bunting last year. Bless.

C x x x

p.s Have received a text from next door to say Shirley is still with us and eating a little. Good sign.

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  1. Sorry to hear Shirley is unwell.

    Hazel xx


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