Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shirley is better :0)

Well, the logs are stacked! All 27 wheelbarrow loads! I was exhausted afterwards. The hardest thing was where to put them all. The log store was full after the 4th barrow! Anyway, they are stacked and look pretty good all over the place.

A severe frost warning was forecast again last night, so I dutifully went out and wrapped everything in fleece. I can't remember the last time we had frost at the end of May. I thought it was getting warmer? I lit a fire and sat in the lounge, laptop on my lap. The new logs went up really well. Will order another load before winter (if we can find somewhere to put them) and that should do us until spring next year!! I have said it before, but there is something comforting about having wood stacked up, like having a full fridge.

I have a hen Party tomorrow for a local charity. A group of five, for a special party! Been busy baking scones and oatie biscuits, ready for tomorrow. Kick off at 10.30, so have time to get organised in the morning.

I gave the eglus a thorough clean out for tomorrow and all was well until Elsbeth decided to sleep in the nest box (again) and poo'd up the side! Little madam!

Shirley spent a good few hours chatting to me in the kitchen yesterday. After a while she shuffled around and laid an enormous soft shelled egg. She immediately poked her head out of the box, as if to say 'ok, I'm done now'. I let her out into the front garden while I continued stacking the log mountain. She discovered the area under the conifers and happily scratched around for woodlice. I coaxed her back into the run with a trail of sweetcorn, a la Hansel and Gretal.

She seems back to her old self again today. Noticed she is quite thin though?? Will feed her some extra tuna tomorrow. Mixed corn will go down well too.

Woke up at 2.30 this morning on the sofa (again, must stop doing that), fire still glowing, but i felt sick. Really hot and sweaty and managed to crawl to the toilet. Not pleasant. Made my way upstairs and slept well. Was hoping to have lost at least half a stone, judging by the amount of time I spent vomiting, but no!
Felt fine this morning, don't know what that was about? Probably the excitement of going back to work on Monday. Not.

Only one egg today!! Free loading ladies! Will search the run tomorrow in case they have decided to make a nest elsewhere.

The front garden is taking shape. Have lots of room to plant more things. Can't seem to pass a garden centre without popping in to get some 'essentials'. Have a few things waiting in the porch to plant, but can't spell the names! Will take pictures when they are in flower.

Need to sleep now and Blogger is taking an age to upload pictures. Will add more tomorrow when I get a chance. Apologises now, for the shocking grammar and typos!

C x x

p.s logs......

p.p.s some more..........

oh, this is just silly!! I like the pink tint to these ones!! Must be the sun setting. Yes, I was stacking them all day *rolls eyes*

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