Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's this green stuff?

The poultry netting that I ordered form Omlet arrived on Thursday, so Jase and I spent Friday, setting up the perimeter fence, to stop the girls destroying the new 'cottage garden'.

I spent far too long trying to create a small door for the girls to get into the garden. After lots of swearing, tools flung across the lawn and measuring up, a ramshackle door was fashioned from wood. It is embarrassing to look at, but does the job.
I cut a tentative hole in the willow fencing from the chicken area into the garden, the girls took their first few steps into the garden.

They loved it and were soon pottering around, not knowing where to go first.

"Nice legs, shame about the shoes"

There is something adorable about hen's fluffy knickers!

Did another Hen course today and met some lovely people - have to say that are they read my blog *wink*

Liz and Jo in particular stayed around like a bad smell (joke) at the end of the course, as they wanted a nosy around the house.

We all share the same country living mentality and love the idea of hedgerow harvesting, jams, chutneys and growing your own. Maybe we should start a commune??!! They left with a large bag of elder flowers, so they could make their own cordial. It really was a pleasure meeting you both today! I hope you enjoy your chickens!

Once I had tidied up, I strained and decanted the bowl of sick, sorry elder flower cordial, into bottles.

Ermmm, no, not 6 bottles of urine!

Have a bigger bottle for us in the fridge and gave a bottle to next door to try and gauge opinions........

I personally think it is wonderful stuff. The real taste of summer!. Dashed up the lane and picked another trug full of flowers to make a second batch! It is 'stewing' in the utility room as I type.
I have enough bottles to add to the Christmas Hampers, so I am getting there slowly.

On the down side, Shirley isn't very well this evening, again. She was sitting in the nest box for quite a while today and very withdrawn. She is now in her box in the lounge, with a warm homopathic wheat pillow, honey in her water and a bowl of sweetcorn to keep her company. I think she has an egg stuck. Not looking forward to the treatment tomorrow. Rubber glove and some vaseline is all I am prepared to say at this time *shudder* I do hope she is ok.

Was tempted to light the fire this evening. More for Shirley's benefit, but that is just silly. She doesn't need the fire on. Does she? Maybe I will light it. The glowing embers always make me feel better. NO, she is a chicken. She doesn't think like me. Does anyone think like me??

It is now 20 minutes to 1 in the morning. I should go to bed. Have Nigella's moon blush tomatoes in the oven, ready to take out tomorrow. So will say good night for now. Off to bed. Once I have lit the fire.

C x x

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