Sunday, April 20, 2008

'I am ready for my close up'

Been a busy bee this week, work and at home.

Finished my week with a trip and was desperately looking forward to my 11 days off.  As always.  The 1 week off/3 weeks on pattern is wonderful, but 2/2 would be better *wink*  There just aren't enough hours in the day.  

Did a hen course last weekend.  Ilene and her partner Phil took several pictures using a superduper hi-tech camera!  Will post some pictures later.  Did a course today and Winifred was an angel as always.  Even when I showed the group her vent!

Potatoes are on the hob, boiling away for the cottage pie to be finished off.  More batch cooking for the week.  Made hobnobs, scones and a cake for the course today that went down well.

Jase went away for 3 days today, so will chill out later with my magazines for some 'me' time.  I am told I never relax and it is true.  I rarely sit and chill.  Always things to do.  I really must learn to switch off  (he says looking at the lawn that needs mowing)!!  

The fire is stacked and ready to light for this evening.  TV will remain off and I will chill out.  

Here is the first picture Ilene sent me - 

'Copyright 2008 Ilene Sterns'

Many believe I have a career as a hand model! Lets not take the spotlight away from Shirley. After several hours in 'feathers & make up' she looks stunning!!
The others didn't want to be left out of the limelight and decided to have a make over too!

'Waiting for Salad'

'Copyright 2008 Ilene Sterns'

A HUGE thank you to Ilene and Phil for the pictures!

The veggie garden needs some serious attention. I have repositioned the strawberry plants and interplanted with spinach, as the two grow well together apparently. Carrots have been sown between the garlic to knock the carrot fly off the scent. My onions are doing well in pots, ready to be planted out as soon as I plan the garden for this year.

Tomatoes are growing well, as are the peas in the shed. I really must get out there and start planning. Ordered some seeds from the which should be here in a couple of days. Was really warm today so I managed to get some basil and nasturtiums planted up.

Been faffing around for so long that it is now 9pm! I started writing this at 5! Ok, hit the publish button! Night night All!!

C x

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