Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Lodger......

A glorious day yesterday and was very tempted to wear shorts.  Couldn't inflict my lily white legs on the chickens though.  

Did quite a lot of
planting and managed to repot the tomatoes and  plant out the peas.  Beetroot went in, as did my sweetpea seedlings.  Bit early for the sweetpeas but they should be ok.  Had lots of pea seeds left so planted another 20 or so in pots.  Must remember to sow little and often as that is my down fall.

Like a crazed lunatic, I decided to start digging out a new bed for the front/side garden.  You may remember the path I dug at the side of the garage last year.  Well, on what I think was the warmest day this year, I set to it!  With trusty mattock in hand and some rather fetching B&Q wellies, I started hacking away at the turf!!  

3 hours later, sweat dripping off nose, soil in inconceivable places and a fused spine, it is done.  Well the digging is.  6 wheel barrow loads of reclaimed bricks from the paddock behind the house - I am allowed to take them- I just need to edge the bed and get plants tomorrow.  

I have a pear tree bought from Lidl last year that is doing well in a pot, but will plant that out.  The bed will be 'Country cottage' style, with some veggies thrown in for good measure.  No matter how much garden you have, you always need more in my opinion.  Off to the garden centre with my car seats down I think.....they still have lupins and foxgloves.  Need another climbing support for some beans as well as sweetpeas. 

Forgot to mention that I got an early birthday pressie from Mum and Dad.  3 potato sacks and 15 seed potatoes!!!  All planted up and ready to go now.
I will keep topping up the soil as the potatoes grow.  They even have a velcro flap on the side, to open the bags up at harvest time!

We have a blackbird nesting in our log store!  I saw the nest a few days ago when I was stacking logs.  SO far 4 beautiful eggs and a very dedicated Mrs Blackbird.  Mr Blackbird returns every 30 minutes or so to feed his Wife!  You can just see her tail sticking out of the nest.  

3 eggs today, as Winifred had a day off and Laverne is on strike.  She seems happy enough, but maybe she is just getting old.  I have upped her calcium uptake and we shall see.  She gave us so many eggs last year, she deserves a break. 

Off to have a bath now and soothe my weary bones.

C x x x 

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  1. I have those potato sacks too, they are great! I just have to patiently wait for them to grow now!



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