Saturday, April 12, 2008

The dalmatians?

Mortimer the Mini was due for a service yesterday. His 30,000 mile one. He is getting on now the poor old boy. After staring at the dust covered mats and filthy interior for long enough, I dragged out the hoover and jet powerwasherthingmejig. He came up a treat, but somehow I managed to cut my hand. Not sure how, but didn't notice until i was dripping blood on the newly polished bonnet.

That evening, I noticed my left hand had a blue tint, like it was really cold. Didn't think much of it to be honest. Same yesterday. Jase jumped on Google and did a search. I wish he hadn't.

Ranging from Raynaud's phenomenon, *shock - don't know what it is but sounds scary*, to left ventricle disorder of the heart. I told him I would see a Doctor next week if it was still the same.

Whilst waiting for the garage to call, we popped into Salisbury to do some shopping. Lakeland was beckoning. 6 le Parfait jars and 12 1/2 pounders for jams and jellies. I would hate to run out of jars (me winning the London marathon, running backwards with my laces tied together is more likely)!! *wink*

Picked up Mortimer from the garage and he is flying!!! My nippy little mini is back! AND they washed him! Typical, could have saved myself the bother.

Clare came over about 7pm and had dinner and a chat. She is still asleep. Think the bottle of vin rouge and 2 cans of Carling helped.

I mentioned my hand to her and she started laughing! Cheeky mare, I could have a rare condition affecting my digit colour and she is laughing!

"Are those new jeans you are wearing"? She said. The penny dropped. Dark blue jeans. Hands in pockets. Dye on hand!!!
I am an idiot. At least i won't have to parade around a la Michael 'one glove' Jackson to hide my abnormality!!

Girls are fine, let them out and found the 'remains' of an egg in the nest box. A softie, probably laid by Laverne and 5 guilty looking chickens. Winifred even had a smudge of egg yolk on her beak...........naughtly hens! Will give them a thorough clean out today as have a hen course tomorrow at 10.30. Check in for Paris at 7pm tomorrow night. Yuck.

This is my 101st post, hence the title!!!

Thanks for reading.


C x x x

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  1. Blue dye..thanks for making me smile Christian! Hope your next course goes well, am looking forward to reading about it. Hazel (WitchHazel)


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