Friday, February 22, 2008

We have oil!!!!!!!

Back home and only one more day to go before my week off.  Sat here with a wild berry Lemsip and the sniffles.  The good news is that we have oil!!!!!  The delivery came a couple of days ago and I now have the thermostat cranked up.  Just for a little while to thaw out my body.

The girls are on a weeks course of wormer.  Its mixed in with their feed.  I gave the eglus a thorough scrub today as I have a hen party on Sunday.  The poo trays were filled with errr, poo and also a couple of dead worms.  *Runs off to be sick*

They do seem happy though, clucking away gently as I pegged out the washing.  I moved an old log in the run and they all scrambled to get to the woodlice underneath.  

I'm sure Winifred is getting bigger.  As she is my 'demo' chicken for the hen parties, she squats to be picked up every time I go near her.  She does enjoy a cuddle.  Pru still has mucky knicker feathers so will be having a bath soon.  If you have never bathed a chicken you haven't lived. Which reminds me, I need to get the wet suit out and prepare!!!   
They are getting used to being separated when we are both away.  Tonight they were even in the correct eglus for bedtime.  Bless them.  

Laverne laid a stonker of an egg today.  It is huge!  Beautiful pale cream.  She is looking gorgeous, especially when the sun hits her feathers.  Shirley is nearly over her moult and the egg laying is picking up.  Elsbeth is still laying like a trooper, maybe missing one day in every 14.  

A nice little Frankfurt and back today.  Not too taxing but delays both ends.  Nice crew though.

4 flights tomorrow, so praying for fog.  That should make Heathrow grind to a halt.  Shame if I had to come home early.  Hee hee.  Unlikely though.  Ho hum, only one more day.  Then its playtime!!

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  1. Nice to see a new blog C!

    I am glad your slowly melting after being freezing for so long.

    Hope your well. Come on MSN if you get chance.

    Laura and sethy


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