Sunday, February 03, 2008

Winter has arrived.

Christ, you can tell its February!  Funny what a difference a couple of days makes.  Its bloomin' brass monkeys out there.

Where have my days off gone?  I had 9 days off and now I am back to work on Tuesday!!  Haven't got much done really.  Bit hacked off at how little I have achieved this week.  There is always next month.
The log man didn't show up as planned as he couldn't find the house.  Understandable really, it was pitch black out there.  Anywho, he delivered on Friday night, so after my Hen Party on Saturday morning, Jase and I stacked the load into the
log store.

He loaded them onto the wheel barrow from the driveway and dumped them infront of me, whilst i stacked them up.  Bent over double to get to the back of the store, my back held up really well.  15 barrow loads!  They are now 3 deep in the store and look lovely.  There is something about it being full that makes me feel content.  Like having a full fridge!!

We plan to get a couple more loads this spring and that will hopefully last all winter (unlikely the way we always have the fire lit)!
Had to take an anti inflammatory this morning as my back has seized up.  At least I'm not hobbling around the house Mrs Overall style.

The hen party went well and 3 couples left with a good idea that they were definitely getting chickens!!!!  It was freezing cold but at least the rain held off.  Hope I didn't bore them with all my 'chicken chat'.  Thats always a worry when I start going on and on and on........!
The tea and scones went done well as always.  
I received a lovely email from one of the 'attendees' to say her husband said 'inspirational' twice in the car on the way home!!!  Think he was talking about the scones.  Or the jam.

The girls are fine, braving the freezing cold north wind that is buffeting the house.  They recognise their blue treat bowl and come running to the gate every evening, expecting a warming pellet porridge with sweetcorn.  Spoilt rotten. 
Here are Winifred and Elsbeth tucking in!

And a decent picture of Prudence!

Laverne and Shirley were hiding behind the orange eglu with their own special bowl of porridge.  Greedy guts Winifred 'the dustbin'  wouldn't let them have a beakful otherwise.  
They are still sleeping in one eglu at night, all cosy.  Shirley the bed wetter is getting better at not fowling the nest at night.  Do they do pyjama pants for chickens?

The garden is looking bare, but daffodils are out and already picked a couple for the house.  The hellebores I planted last year are flowering too.  Much needed colour at this time of year.

Mum and Dad came over with the rest of the clan.  Jase made a couple of salads and pizzas for the hungry hoards. 
 They left with 18 eggs to sell at work.  We are now up to £14 in egg money!  Enough for a couple of bags of layers mash.  Not bad considering we only started selling them a few of weeks ago.  Don't think I will be leaving work just yet though.

Off to lock the girls in for the night and light the fire.  Its 4 degrees C at the moment and plummeting quickly.  No snow forecast but it looks that way.


  1. Still reading your blog - and you still make me laugh

  2. Thanks Dilly!

    I'm still reading yours. The quail are lovely.

    C x

  3. Laura Fairy and Cake14 February 2008 at 18:06

    hey christian.

    Its Laura & Seth

    Just thought in my spare 5 mins i'd read Carries, oops i mean Christians blog.

    So how are you? Your never on msn anymore :(

    I liked you posts :)

    Take care.

    Love, Laura


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