Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chickens and the veggie plot....

Back home after an exhausting 2 day 2 sector trip to Geneva.  One flight out yesterday morning, all day there and a flight home today.  Quite full yesterday but empty today.  Had room service, a chill out and managed to finish part 2 of the Philip Pullman books.  Have the last book ready to read......!

On my way home, I picked up the chicken food that I ordered.  3 bags should last them a while. I raced straight out to see the girls.  They were confined to their run yesterday and even though they have enough room, I like to let them out asap.  I could hear their excited clucking as I pulled up on the drive.  

7 eggs this morning (well 7 since yesterday as it was too early to collect when I left for work). Still think Prudence will lay today as she was straight back in the nest box once she had said hello.

Picked up a copy of Country Living at the petrol station.  Filled up with liquid gold, sorry petrol.  £48.30 to fill my Mini!!!  I'm still in shock.  Mind you, I was on fumes.  Will light the fire this evening as its freezing again and we still haven't got any oil.  Trying to preserve the last few precious drops before the delivery arrives.  

Went slightly overboard at the local garden centre the other day.  Bought 5 beech hedges, 14 perennials, including foxgloves, lupins, poppies and scabies.  No, not scabies but something similar.  Light blue flowers that look very 'country cottage'.  Funnily enough, they are for the country cottage garden that still needs work.  

I planted up the black currant bushes that I got in Lidl and repotted the gooseberry bush. Planted some more marigolds as companion planting for the tomatoes and started off some free tomato seeds I had.  Bit early but will give it a go.  

The garden centre also had seed potatoes for £1.25 a kilo.  Bargain.  Bought King Edward as they store well.  Hoping for a better crop than last year.  

We let the girls out of their area in the veggie garden earlier in the week.  I fenced off the spinach and chard beds before they could decimate the lot.  Laverne and Shirley were old hands at the veggie garden, but the 'newbies' took some persuading.  Once they saw Shirley demolish a few strawberry leaves, they were out like a shot.

Sod it, I'm putting the heating on.  My fingers are numb and I can't type (thats my excuse anyway).  

One day off and then my annual check at work on Sat/Sun.  Pretending to evacuate an aircraft, smoke filled chambers and lots of bored looking crew wandering around the training centre. Should be fun!!  The 'exam' is now done at the end of day 2 when you have completely lost the will to live.  Lets hope I pass.

*clicks up thermostat*

Right, off to unload the chicken food and stack the fire.


C x x   


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