Tuesday, January 15, 2008

38 eggs gone!!

Horrible blustery day!  I was woken up at 5am with the wind howling and the rain hammering against the windows.
When I got up at 7.30 it was still dark.  I trekked across the swamp (new name for the garden) and let the girls out.  They weren't impressed.  Nor was I.  It was blowing a gale and the privet hedge in the chicken area was taking a battering.

They didn't even come out of the run, which is unusual for them.  3 eggs this morning, courtesy of Laverne, Elsbeth and Prudence.  Winifred decided to lay after lunch.  You can't rush these things.  She clearly doesn't 'do' mornings!

Braved the elements and went to get my hair cut.  My all terrain Mini made it through the lakes down the country lane.  Only just. 

Finished off attaching the green house to the wall.  After the incident when all my seedlings blew across the garden, I am not taking any chances this time!  Rawl plugs, screws and a bungee cord are keeping it in place now.  Only takes me 15 minutes to get inside, but at least the plants are safe!

More bookings for the hen keeping courses!!!  3 courses sold out now and a couple of spaces left on one!  Thats wonderful news.  I had 13 emails yesterday about the courses!!
Not only are they advised to bring wellies and rubber gloves to the course, I think I might suggest a canoe!  The garden is so wet.  At least the grass is green!  

Mum and Dad came over for lunch as I haven't seen them since Christmas.  They needed some eggs too.  Dad called his office and asked if they wanted any?  4 people ordered 48 eggs!!
I only had 41, so have sent them away loaded down with 38 eggs and will let them fight over them!
£1.30 for 6, £1 for 4.  Bargain if you ask me.  I have never sold my eggs, but with the food the girls are getting through, it makes sense.  Think the Postie will be disappointed!
I did plan to make a 'fresh eggs' sign to hang up outside the back door and leave an honesty box out when we are away.  Think I will when the days are longer. 

Mum and Dad brought the girls a present!  One cabbage, turned into a state of the art chicken home entertainment centre!!
Take one cabbage and cut in half.  Make a hole in the stalk and thread string through.  Hang in chicken run for hours of fun!!

Jason is in Paris and has just text to say he is running late.  The flights are all delayed due to the wind!  He should be home by 6pm.

Time to make a few batches of chilli for the freezer, then light the fire and chill out for the evening.

Bye for now!

C x


  1. hey! i left you a message about a week ago but its not showing up.

    I hope your well!

    Come on MSN when you can.

    We never chat anymore :(

    Hope your well.


  2. Thank you both!!!

    I still read yours too DIlly!!

    C x x x


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