Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How excited am I???

A momentous occasion!!!  We had our first ever 5 egg day!!!  The girls are churning out the eggs daily.  Bless their fluffy knickers!  

They seem fine and are loving the new patio slabs as it gives then something to scrape their claws on.  It also makes it easier for them to pick up the bits of food they drop!  Quick scrape with the claws and a feast is revealed!

No sign of Mr Ratty, so fingers crossed!

My next four hen parties are sold out and I have added more dates for February and March. Roll on spring/summer to really show off the girls.  The chicken area is so wet at the moment!  Waterwings and a canoe are needed to top up their food and water and do the daily egg collecting.

Omlet have asked me to do advanced chicken keeping courses soon, so that will definitely keep me busy.   The plan was to hold one course per month, hen keeping for beginners.  
I have three course planned for February at the moment and don't think I can fit anymore in!
Shirley is still moulting, but looking better each day.  Her beetle black feathers are appearing through the drab brown ones and her neck it a shiny mass of black and ginger!  She'll be wanting a diamonte necklace soon!

Gave Mum and Dad another 18 eggs to sell at work, so the pounds are rolling in!  I can retire with the profits soon!  Hee hee, not!  The sales will cover their food so that isn't a bad thing.  We still have enough eggs for us and a few to give away, thats the main thing.

We had a lovely weekend last week.  It was Jason's birthday and we had a leisurely day before his friends came over for dinner.   Trout pate and beef casserole, delicious!!!  The kitchen wasn't in too bad a state either!!  Thats a rarity.  

He loves his Nintendo DS lite and has been doing the brain training every day!  I had a go and was appalled that my brain age is 50!!  *shock horror* I mean,  really!! I'm 33 years old! 

Ok, it was 70, but I don't really want to admit that.   I might have to get one too, just so that I can improve!  Thats what comes form serving chicken or cheese sandwiches all day long.  
Just can't work out how Jase's brain is younger than mine when he has been doing the same job for longer??!?  That's why I am enjoying the hen courses so much, it gives me something to think about and plan.   

I wore my contacts for the first time in weeks yesterday and have a really dodgy looking eye!!  Its all pink and yucky!!  I looked a real sight on the flight to Tripoli today!
(yes, Tripoli, bloody Africa)!!!!  On Short haul?? I hear you cry!!!  My point exactly.  

The flights were empty both ways, but they kept us busy.  More drinks, as Libya is a dry state and they wanted to get hammered for the last time before they got there!  The same for the return, we had barely taken off and they were queuing for vodka.  

Off to bed now, as reading and typing this is making my eyes hurt.  Squish squish.  Hopefully, i won't look like a rabbit with myxomatosis in the morning!

Night night

C x x x

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