Friday, January 11, 2008

Evening All!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, been busy doing not much.

The rats of Nihm are still at large, but I have completely slabbed the chicken area so both eglus are safe from digging marauders.  

The girls don't seem to mind their new concrete base.  They did want oak flooring, but the cost element was too prohibitive *wink*.  With a good covering of aubiose, they are happy enough, digging around for tit bits.

They are all fine and laying roughly 4 eggs a day between them.  Still waiting for that elusive 5 egg day, but soon, i'm sure.  They always share one eglu at night, huddled together like penguins!  Nice they get on so well.  It's like a mother's meeting at night, with them clucking away softly.  I wish I could understand them.  

Jase is still on his very low fat diet.  The chocolate mountain is slowly being reduced, thanks to me.  He is still losing lots of weight, not fair!!!! (Here I am typing and eating minstrels at the same time).

Last night, I was in Milan.  My phone rang at midnight.  It was a guy on the crew saying there was a fire in the hotel!  I checked the corridor and saw smoke!!!  I quickly got dressed, contemplated my outfit and legged it down the stairs.  After 2 hours in the lobby, with 3 other crews (4 Milan crews stay there per night), the hotel gave us new rooms.  The old ones still smelt of smoke.

I finally got to my room at 2.30 in the morning and pick up was supposed to be at 5.10!!  We left the hotel at 9am and delayed the flight home.  Pretty scary stuff to be honest.  Glad I always check the number of doors to my nearest exit.  You never know when you might need it! 
*Christian's top tip for the day*

My chicken courses are proving popular.  My Feb and March courses are fully booked and I have added an extra day in January.   I  think the current media coverage is helping the plight of the chicken, which can only be a good thing.
I hope the quagmire has dried slightly by the next course, as it really is grotty out there.  All attendees have been advised to bring a pair of wellies and a some rubber gloves.  It might be boggy, but that doesn't excuse them from helping clean out the eglus!!  I'll make 'em work!!

2 more days of featuring on european flights, then days off.  Sofia and back tomorrow.  Where is that????  I know that its a fair old way.  Eastern block somewhere!  Ending my working block on a Prague and back for Sunday.  Shortish flight and home by 3pm, i hope.   

Its blowing a gale outside.  I hope the roof stays on.  The roofer has finally got back to us about the outbuilding roof.  It will be fixed and water tight by the beginning of February.  Yay! 
That will give us a chance to sort out the fridge, freezer and space for my ever increasing mountain of jars!  Hee hee.  

Off to watch more gruesome telly about poor battery chickens now.  At least some people will make an educated decision based on these programmes.  Go on, get a few hens in your back garden!  

C x 

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  1. Hi Christian

    I am seriously considering the same idea of paving slabs for our chickens...dh yet to be convinced, but is open to the idea...He likes the idea of them dustbathing etc, but I explained we could still buy one of those large plastic, fairly shallow troughs and fill it with earth etc. The Rat is making underground tunnels, as soon as I seal one, another emerges..Grrrrr.


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