Friday, March 30, 2007

No more free lunches!

As you can see, I've 'chicken proofed' another raised beds from the marauding hens! This is one of the original beds that is staying.
They still managed to get their beaks through the mess and grab a free lunch though!

Had another physio appointment yesterday and she worked on my lower back and neck! Once again weird positions, lying on my side pillow between my legs, trying to hold my stomach in!!!!! why are they always so thin?????? Its a conspiracy! *mental note - must get bike out of shed* Got another session in a couple of weeks! (2 stone weight loss before then).

Finally got the curtains lined!!! Only been sitting there since August! I was sat at the sewing machine for a couple of hours, pinning, hemming and stitching! Felt like an Indian sweatshop! But they look fab and it stops the sun waking me up at 6am like a floodlight!

Back to work no Sunday for 4 days - booooo - but then have a few more days off. Hopefully the weather won't be as pants as it has been today. In a mad fit of green fingeredness (?) i've planted peas, french marigolds, chard, spinach, beans and pumpkins in home made paper pots. The dining table is covered! Must get a green house - project for next year me thinks!

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  1. Hi Christian!

    Just catching up with your blog. I love reading about your garden!



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