Friday, March 02, 2007

A week off

Just had 7 days off work, as its my part time week and have done nothing! The rain has been constant, the garden is flooded and am thinking of investing in a boat to feed the hens! They dont seem too bothered by the rain, but a flash hail storm yesterday sent them running to the log store for cover!
Finally have some news about my raised beds and paths for the veggie garden! The gardener/builder will start on the 23rd April, but seeing as we moved in in May last year and it was freezing, I will just have to wait to get planting! The lounge window sills are covered in seed pots and root trainers with seedlings starting off! Will have to work on the OH to get a green house.

Managed to get a pear, apple and cherry tree at a bargain price, just need to decide where to put them!

I'm back to work on Sunday for 6 days :o( Wish I could give up and just make jams/chutneys etc and live off the land! A few more chickens, a couple of pigs and proper productive veggie plot and i'd be happy! Oh well maybe one day!

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