Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Weathers good!

I finally managed to get some hazel rods from our local log man, have been trying to get some for months as they look nicer than bamboo canes. We drove over to the saw mill yesterday and picked up 20 and several bags of wood chippings for the chicken run. He didn't want any cash for the wood so I gave him some fresh eggs from the hens as a thank you.
With OH's land rover stacked up (not having that mess in my Mini!) and hazel rods sticking out the back window, we headed home!
After a real struggle getting them in the ground, I finally have a frame for beans and sweet peas. It might be an effort picking them though, the rods are 8 foot tall! I put chicken wire all the way round and planted sweet peas from the garden centre. Within 2 mins Shirley had ripped 2 plants out and was happily munching. Bless.

With reinforced protection, they are now safe from marauding chickens.

With the warmer weather here, i decided to plant my potatoes, They won't come up for a few weeks so they should be ok. Will sprint across the garden with fleece if frost is forecast! (Probably in dressing gown and wellies as is the norm-neighbours are used to me letting the chooks out in the morning dressed inappropriately)

Not sure why, but decided to make Easter fairy cakes at 8.30 this evening. Popped into Tesco to get a few bits (£27 later, nothing new there). Have now made 12 cakes and an orange cheese cake. OH helped, probably just so he could lick the spoon!
Its now ten to one and we have a friend coming over tomorrow, so off to bed now.

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