Thursday, April 12, 2007

Days off again

My hazel rods are finally in place!!! Yay! I hammered a deep hole in the ground for each stake to make sure they stay in place with the wind we get here. Each one has a couple of sweet pea plants next to it, and I will plant some beans too, when the weather is warmer. It looks ugly at the moment as i've had to chicken proof the sweet peas from the raptor hens! I'm sure it will look fab when the beans and flowers start growing.

The veg garden is just outside the kitchen window, with this bed at the front so it will look lovely from the house! I hope!

The house has been taken over by seedlings! The window sill in the lounge, the dining table, shed and outside the back door!

Here are French marigolds, sweet peas, nasturtiums, sweetcorn, borlotta beans, french beans, chillis, tomatoes, sunflowers and onions in individual pots (had to plant in pots as the mice ate all the others)!

My next door neighbour has just popped over to give me some spinach and lettuce seedlings as she has too many! She also has 30 or so tomato plants to give away! I am dedicating a whole bed to tomatoes this year as we use so many. I can always make tomato and chilli jam with the rest, so will gladly take her spares!

Had a major incident with Laverne the other day. She had laid a soft egg, but not the shell. I heard a shout from OH and by the time I arrived the crumbled shell was half out of her backside! She was straining so hard that her 'vent' had prolapsed and was blood red. I got some clean gloves on and managed to push the innerds back in! She jumped down and was happy as Larry afterwards! The joys of chicken keeping!!! It was a bit icky, but needed to be done. Luckily I had the Omlet website and had read up on medical procedures. Was tempted to 'scrub up' and wear a face mask before the op, but decided clean marigold gloves would do!!!! :o)
Isn't she beautiful!?

Back soon as I keep being reminded to update my blog! (c/o Martin :0p) See you soon!


  1. Thanks for that Christian!
    I love reading your blog. Your house sounds vert familiar to mine, tomatoes on the windows and lettuce on the table! :D

    I also have a full green house (small plastic one) at my grandad's, which is really useful as he only lives 2minutes away and does not use it other than for shortage.

    Glad that Laverne is now better.


  2. Hi Chris!!
    I said I would leave you a message!
    Your pictures are really good; bless you x Fab to see you yesterday. Pop in for coffee when you get chance,
    Clare xx


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