Friday, January 20, 2012


Mr Milo, the wonder dog!!

Yes, he is here at Bramble Cottage and fitting in like a dream!

I have fallen for him big time.  He is such a sweet natured pooch.  Puppy dog eyes, feet that are too big for his little legs and the softest ears you have ever felt.  Does that sound strange?  Yes, it does, but he is!

I cannot tell you how happy he is making me.  He is like my shadow after only 3 days.  Good as gold usually and such a cutie the way he pads around the downstairs and always tries to get on the sofa next to me.  Mum and I have agreed, no sofa or bed.  I mean that!!  I am not that house proud, but I have a very milky coffee coloured sofa and muddy paws prints aren't a good look.  Yesterday he spent 30 minutes with his paws on and off the sofa and me being very strict.  Today we came back from a 4 hour 'familiarisation' visit to my Mum and Dad's and he hasn't tried to get on the sofa once.  I am positive he will when I'm not looking though!

We have had a few issues with him 'marking' inside the house.  I did expect this as it is all strange to him!  He has now pee'd in every room, so am hoping that is it!!  Downstairs is fine as I have hardwood floors, but upstairs in carpeted so a bit more work. I say 'fine', but it isn't that appealing!  He hasn't been neutered so that is one possible reason for it, but it is quite pungent, without going into details.

He has a check up on Monday to see Grant the vet, so we will discuss his dangly bits then.  One friend commented on their size.  As I said to Mum, he wasn't ashamed to get undressed in the showers at school.  He is a big boy!!!  However, they need sorting out.  Poor lad.  The pound in Ireland, put in a crate, shipped on a ferry, left at a foster home and then mine and I have him 'done'!!  What a few weeks he has had!  I planned to give him a few weeks to settle before the op, but think it needs to be done sooner.

He isn't remotely aggressive with people or other dogs.  Very shy in fact, especially with people.  He is slowly learning to trust and is coming on in leaps 
and bounds on a daily basis!  

I am off until the 29th of January, so have time to bond with him and take him to Mum & Dad's to get used them and the house.  So far so good.  

It was Jase's Birthday yesterday.  A very special Birthday!!!  I wasn't sure what to get him, so decided to make a quilt.  I figured he would appreciate it and treasure it and he was gob smacked.  You see, I have a dodgy back (as I may have mentioned once or twice) and sitting at a desk with a sewing machine for 2 solid days isn't really what a physio would recommend.  I could hardly do 2 hours of Pilates as a birthday pressie for him though, could I?  

We went to the Indian for dinner and had a lovely meal, then back here to a roaring fire and a bottle of red (Diet coke for me)! 

So, he came round yesterday afternoon and met Milo for the first time.  Within a couple of hours, Milo had settled into it and was fine.  I am trying to socialise him as much as possible.  

This is how the quilt started life......

Nearly finished.........! 

I will take a picture of the finished quilt tomorrow as it is dark and I can't get a decent snap.  Jase loved it so am chuffed!  

My february roster is out and it is really good.  I haven't looked that closely at it yet, so need to work out dog sitting duties!  Looks fine so far though and I have a 3 day trip with Jase which will be nice.  

Time to organise dinner and light the fire.  I am frozen!! I've been feeling a bit run down for the past couple of days, so Beechams powders, Berocca and cups of tea are featuring highly in my diet.  And the odd Creme egg. It is lovely lying on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket with a scruffy little dog on the floor within stroking reach.  He loves it too.  Content.  

Update - Managed to get some pictures of the quilt! 

The binding - 

And for MrsH, the back! - 

I always do basic 'stitch in the ditch' for quilting as I find it easier on my back.  Maybe with the next quilt (although, every time i make one I say never again) I will try and more creative and do swirly patterns or something?  


  1. Absolutely Brilliant Christian..... Love happy for you!!! Am sure he will give you loads of love....just like Mika does to us!!!!

  2. Hello Lovely,
    Glad all is well : )
    Milo sounds very sweet.
    Enjoy your weekend xxx

  3. aw, really happy for you Christian.. and hope you feel better soon Leanne xx

  4. Great news that Milo is settling in so well and so quickly! Re the marking, you must have him done. I had the same thing with Eric and as soon as he was done, it stopped completely. He'll be fine. A bit sore for a couple of days but honestly, he will be fine! :0) xx

  5. What a lovely looking dog! And I'm not really a dog person. The quilt looks amazing cannt wait to see the final photos . Whatl have you backed it with?

    1. Pictures are now on the Blog MrsH! I used a lovely red from Moda, which is the same company as the main patchwork is made from. One layer cake, cut into 4, makes a perfect quilt!

  6. Congratulations Christian, Milo looks lovely, And the quilt is fantastic, well done!

  7. Milo is just perfect! re his marking Cloots has said "get him done" please listen to the advice if he hasn't already had that hated vet visit. However when cleaning up his marking may I suggest you rinse with dilute vinegar (strange I know) Our bleach based cleaning products smell like urine to a he may well re mark over your cleaning. I was told that Vinegar will neutralise the uric acid smell.

  8. I have been using Method spray (no ammonia and adding vinegar to it as I read that Bleach smells like urine to dogs! So far so good, and I will get him done.

    He has a check up on Monday and will speak to the vet then. My friend said she was 'vexed' by the size of his bits. Hee hee!

    C x x

  9. Milo looks a lovely. Our vet told us to clean up accidents with ordinary biological wash powder/liquid.
    We had a special blanket on the settee for our dog and he knew he could only get on the settee when his blanket was on there.

    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful.

  10. So happy Milo is settling in well, he has a lovely face Christian :)

    Gorgeous quilt too . . . so talented!

  11. Hi Christian thank you for sharing the photos, the quilt is gorgeous and the fabrics lovely. You should be so proud! Thanks again


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