Sunday, January 15, 2012

A flying visit yet again...

Sorry, a really bad internet connection here in Glasgow!

I just wanted to post a quick update re the dog situation!

I visited a foster home near Bournemouth on Saturday and met Hank (named by the rescue centre) He is a scruffy bundle of terrier.  Probably Patterdale, with several others breeds mixed in - I am thinking Dachshund and God only knows.

He came over from a rescue centre in Ireland where they are only allowed to keep dogs for 7 days, then they are's at that point that they are picked up by other rescue centres here, packed into crates and put on a ferry.

He is under 2, good with children, other dogs and very sweet.  He no idea how to walk on a lead, don't think he has ever been walked :0( He was so shy and spent most of the visit under the dining table, but Mum, Dad and I feel for him!

Once the home check is done, I should be able to pick him up on Tuesday!!  Mega excited now and busy trying to organise lead, collar, bedding, bowls, treats and food - not easy when you aren't at home.

Have to go to bed now, as up at the crack of sparrows, but will leave you with a picture of my new dog.  He is now called Milo.

C x x


  1. *H* for Milo, when you get close enough :))

  2. Oh bless him. You could drown in those eyes.

  3. Oh Christian!!! What a cute little dog... Can't wait to give him a big cuddle :)

    Caroline xxx

  4. Christian he is soooooo cute. Scats at Weyhill have lots of good stuff and are very happy to give recommendations re food etc.xx

  5. Thanks Linda, I could walk there!

    C x x


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