Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Can I take my crochet hook?

You know some days you wish you'd stayed in bed?  Well that applies to today.

After spending what seemed like an eternity in a grey 1970's building at the training school, when your brain is mush and every gram of life force is drained from your body, you would think that sitting an exam isn't conducive to good mental health.  Unfortunately, that is what they make us do.  I have done 12 annual checks now and quite proud of the fact that I know my stuff.  Anal isn't the right word, some might call it that, but I know my job and have this weird ability to remember things.....until today that is.

I failed my annual check!!  Stupid bloody questions about camping gas stoves in the cabin & allowing passengers on with 5 litres of medication???  Now, seriously, if you needed 5 litres of medication, shouldn't you really be in hospital rather than a plane?  I know what we offer isn't fine dining, but would you whip up an omelette on a flight to Brussels?

The ironic thing is, all the questions about the aircraft I am licensed on, I got 100% right - believe me there are thousands of questions.  However, you can get 9 questions wrong out of 50 and still pass I believe, but not 3 on the same subject.  That's what I did.

I thought that I was coping very well with recent events.  Splitting up with J, moving house etc - all pretty stressful stuff.  My weight loss has proved that something is up.  For me to not want to eat much, something must be awry!!  However, I am pretty content I think.  Bramble cottage is lovely (well, getting there), cosy and mildly warm, the hens are settled, work is better (as I have lots of leave!! *wink*) and generally ok with stuff.  Clearly this isn't the case at the moment.  I am so disappointed in myself.

The good news is, I have 2 days off now and have been taken off my Madrid and back on Saturday, to return to the life-force-sucking building and re-sit the exam.  Now the pressure is on.  Uniform is put away, pj's at the ready, kettle's
on, fire about to be lit and the dangerous goods manual is open.  If you need to know about hydrocarbon gas hair curlers, knitting needles or radioistopic cardic pacemakers, then in theory I will know!

Diet coke, marlboro lights and a pizza are on stand by.....

C x x


  1. Darling Christian,
    I love teh way you continue to show your sense of humour through this!
    Enjoy the pizza

  2. Sooooooo.... does that mean I can crochet on a flight to Spain or not? My holiday hangs in the balance here! ;0)

  3. only the brain dead would take a camping stove on a plane. Mind you this is humans we are talking about here - stupid questions are their speciality. Good luck for Sat - Ali

  4. good luck with the re-test christian!

    Leanne x

  5. {{H}}

    Camping stove? Really?!

    Hope the re-sit goes well :)

  6. Good luck for the retest............... and take care of you! Don't forget you have been through 2 of what are statistically the most stressful events a person can go through...........seperation and moving. Don't beat yourself up, take a step back and relax . I am sure you will pass with flying colours.


  7. Loved the blog,made me laugh out loud. Haven't done much of that lately. Good Luck for the dreary resit.

  8. Sorry last anonymous was Bev - brain dead after an early doing baggage delivery orders!

  9. Yes you can Cathy! Just check with your airline first as they all vary!

    Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

    C x x x

  10. In a way this is a good thing - because it will make you stop for a moment and think about all the stess that you have been through lately.....then you can be a a bit kinder to yourself, not beat yourself up about it and pass the test with a gold star!
    Than surely a little treat must be in order? ; )
    Good luck - break a leg!!! (but not literally)


  11. Not passing an exam just shows that they have given you the wrong paper!! Its all THEIR fault.... seriously though, good luck for tomorrow. As everybody says...try to relax and be good to yourself.

  12. I passed Hazel! Thanks. 100% and breathed a sigh of relief. That's me legal to fly for another 12 months.....!


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