Friday, February 17, 2012

Floor stripper...

Evening All!

10 minutes to update you all on the bramble Cottage happenings.  Although I plan for 10 minutes, I will usually sit here for a couple of hours, browsing pictures to put on, stoking the fire, a quick ciggie/diet coke break etc etc.  You see why it is never easy for me to do a quick blog update?  I faff around all the time!

So, first off, snow!  We had quite a bit here.  Enough to stop me getting to work 2 weeks ago.  The lane was really icy and I couldn't get Mortimer out of his space.  Had to call in and lose a 3 day trip.  Not good financially.

I was lucky enough to get a log delivery organised the day before the snow hit.  Lovely warm feeling of contentment when they are all stacked.
They won't last long!  I had the same amount delivered in November and they have all been burnt.

The hens have been making a racket for the past couple of days.  Judging by the colour of their combs, we may well start to see some eggs soon!  Yay!!  Can't wait.  The supermarket ones pale in comparison.  I miss my Girls' eggs.
Before the snow hit, I winter-proofed the run.  Overkill on the shades do you think?

I am doing my frugal living thing again.  I have to.  My March roster was published last night and I nearly cried.  It is dreadful! There and backs and not a single night stop.  The night stops are what pay well and I am not sure what I will do when I get my April salary!!  Break into savings I guess?  Or sell my body?  Savings it is then!

I started collecting fallen twigs and small branches when I was out walking Milo last week.  There are bits everywhere on the woodland path and in the fields.  A small bag of kindling costs £5 from the petrol station and lasts about a week.  The twigs cost nothing!  I have moved the log basket from next to the fire place and started stacking logs there instead.  I get more in that way.  The basket is now in the conservatory and is my new kindling store.  Once the shed roof is properly water proofed, I will store some there too.

Milo is great.  I think I may have to bow down to Public demand and set up a Facebook page for him.  He seems quite interested and is getting better at mouse control.  Just wish his flatulence would lessen.  He is stripping the varnish from my floors.  His latest 'trick' is to wait until I have built the fire and then sneak into the lounge, and grab some kindling from the bottom, trying desperately to make as little noise as possible.  The leaping through the kitchen with a massive log hanging from him mouth is great fun.

(Please excuse the carpet.  It is an old rug to protect the conservatory floor,  I wouldn't usually pick 'Bandage grey' as a carpeting option).

And the little munchkin with his carrot!  He loves them and they are better than those dentastick things!

He is a cutey.  Even though he smells, like unwashed dog.  I gave him a bath today.  Quite a painless experience really.  I think he liked the attention and certainly loved the rub down afterwards.  A snooze by the Rayburn helped dry him off and he was sparko for 2 hours.  

My rotary cutter for quilting took a serious hammering after making Jase's quilt a couple of weeks ago, so I went to Quilter's Dream for replacement blades. And ONLY replacement blades.  That is like saying to Milo don't look at the rabbits in the field......

Well I did buy the blades plus a little something extra - 

It is called a Jelly roll and is lots of long strips of gorg-e-ous fabric.  You sew two strips together then cuts then into smaller strips.  Sew at angles and create a stunning (allegedly quick and easy) quilt.  Now this is something new I haven't tried, so will give it a go.  In my defence, I purchased this before my March roster was out.  

Talking of quilts, I received an email from a lovely Lady asking if I would make her a quilt.  Now, I would love to and am really flattered that she thinks my things are good enough, but what do you charge??  It costs around £100 in fabric alone, plus 3-4 solid days of sewing, numerous cans of caffeine free diet coke, pain killers for my back and a fair amount of swearing when my machine jams, the tension goes or Milo runs off with a bobbin.  Just not sure?  

I had Matt the carpenter here for a couple of days doing those little jobs that require patience, a work bench and power tools.  Things that he has in abundance and that I have none of.  Bramble Cottage has shelves!!  The first is in the entrance hall - 

2 more next to the fire place for the tv and other stuff, plus a hidden shelf at the top of the inglenook for dvds and one in the stairwell for yet more books.  

Today was spent doing my lumberjack thing and sorting out kindling and logs.  Plus getting ready for my one day at work tomorrow (a stand by, yuck).  I also made a Birthday pressie for a friend for tomorrow, but won't post a pic just yet in case she sees......not giving anything away Matron! ;0) 

Best I stoke the fire now and then take Milo for his bedtime walk around the block.  Up early for a 9.30 stand by, but need to drop Milo the wonder dog off at Mum's first, so will leave here around 7ish.  At least I have the week off after that, so will get a chance to catch up and maybe write another update?  

Take care everyone! 

C x x x 


  1. So Mr Lehmann. I have something for you. I have a eucaliptus tree in my garden that Ade cut down. Yours if you want it? Ade's just offered to cut it up for you. Free wood?????

    1. That wood (hee hee) be lovely Lisa, thank you!

      Bit cheeky of me to ask, but I can only fit reasonably small logs in my fireplace. Around 10" max ish. If that is a problem, then don't worry. Really kind of Ade!! I would do it myself, but my back is crap if I do too much. Chopping kindling is as much as I can manage!

      Thanks again!

  2. Matron here!! Will catch you this week hopefully! Great blog as usual. Xx

  3. Lovely to catch up on all your news Christian = I have to say, when we EVENTUALLY get round to doing our bedroom up(in about 74 years.....) we will be after one of your beautiful quilts!! Looking forward to meeting Milo soon - he and Alfie are both tea-leaves when it comes to the kindling and logs!!!

  4. Hi Christian- great to hear from you - I think we were getting a bit worried about you, not hearing from you! Glad you are ok and still planning more projects .The jelly roll looks really interesting!

  5. LOL @ Milo and the wood! Tanner has discovered twigs and leaves and chases them around the garden and carries them around! We are talking tiny Silver Birch type twigs here though - he is still tiny!
    Your quilts are lovely! as for a price? If it costs £100 to make them - you could look at doubling that at least! WHy not do a search and see what the "going rate" is online for a bespoke quilt! I think you may be shocked at the price people charge! I've seen those Jelly Rolls too in my local shop and quite fancy doing something myself - they have a quilters workshop - ummm next project methinks!
    Hope the work picks up! I know what it's like - I am on a "zero hours" contract - so take anything and evrything offered to me workwise as I never know how the month is going to pan out more than a week ahead!
    Roll on spring! x


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