Sunday, May 29, 2011

Polly put the.......


What a week that was! My Birthday was on Thursday last week, and I received some lovely things! A Fantastic Le Creuset kettle from Jase. Most would be quite horrified at getting a kettle for their birthday, especially as we have split up and are going our own way, but I was delighted! He knows me so well. It sits on the hob, takes about a month to boil, but whistles when ready! It looks great on the Rangemaster, but would look even better on a cream Rayburn.

The lovely Kate sent me a cushion! It matches the chimney breast wall perfectly!

My nextdoor neighbours bought me this handmade chicken pot and saucer! Have popped a voila in for now, but need to find a small house plant for it. It was made by Jane Hogben I love her stuff!

My family clubbed together and bought me a kindle! I did ask for vouchers towards it, but they bought it for me anyway! I decided to whip up a quick case to protect it for my 3 day trip. Didn't really want to spend £30 plus on a leather one. It is by no means perfect, but it does the job well. Next job is a case for my Macbook.
A close up...

Work was chaotic to say the least. Made it back from Milan and took off for Newcastle. Circled around the airport once and then headed back to Heathrow. Newcastle had been hit by an ash cloud from the Icelandic Grimsvotn volcano. The passengers were not best pleased.

The following day I ended up with stand by at the airport, Zurich and back which was ok, as it kept me on my next trip the following day. One flight out to Frankfurt. Then the storms hit Heathrow. The evening flight in was cancelled so I didn't have to get up at 4am to fly home. Instead we brought the later flight back. Finished off my week with a Milan and back which was fine. Finished by 1.30pm and off for 3 days now.

The garden has gone nuts this week. No only the plants, but also the weeds. Jase and I spent 30 minutes spreading bark chippings all over the beg garden, so that looks nice and tidy now. The back garden is another matter.

The pak choi plants in the greenhouse are ready to be planted out. Not quite sure where to put them yet. I am sure the pigeons will find them wherever they go.

The strawberries in the patio planters sent runners everywhere last year and as I result, I have them all over the veggie garden.

They are doing so well, I'll just leave them in situ.

Mum and Dad bought me some kohlrabi plants back from Germany, which I have now planted with defences. If it isn't the pigeons nicking the leaves, it will be the cabbage white butterflies, so hopefully the 'cage' will stop them. I tried hanging up old cd's but I think the birds like my choice of music, as it didn't deter them.

The Little Dorrit sunflowers are coming along nicely, I have about 12 plants doing well. Apart from the white/green fly! Of all the plants to go for in my garden, they attack my little seedlings. I have now put a French Marigold amongst the pots to try and put them off.

The little gem lettuce seedlings I bought in and now ready to be eaten. Glad I only bought 7 as they will soon become slug city if I'm not careful. Strange how some haven't been touched and others are a lattice work of holes. Stunning colour though!

And finally, the raspberry canes that have appeared everywhere. Even a couple of metres from the bed they are planted in. I have pulled up a few and repotted them.

There is a redcurrant and white currant bush in there somewhere too. A bit of thinning is needed I think.

All in all, feeling ok at the moment. Have looked at a few houses on, which I really must stop doing. Found one a couple of miles away in Weyhill, down an unadopted road. Very sweet little house, 2 bedrooms, open fire and a cream Rayburn, within budget, but tiny garden. I need a decent sized garden for the hens and veggies. Oh well, will keep looking. Our house has now been painted inside the odd room that needed it. We plan to hire a skip as we have so much rubbish to throw away. Once that is done, Farm Cottage goes on the market.

A sad time, but necessary. New doors opening, and a fresh start for both of us.

C x x


  1. Your Kindle cover is lovely! You are very talented.

    I am glad you are so upbeat despite splitting up with Jase. You will no doubt have good memories of the happy times and it is sensible to be civilised about it. Of course it is sad and stressful but you will come through it and be able to move on and make your fresh start.

    Hope you find a lovely cottage.

  2. You've had some great presents! Hope you had a great birthday!!!

    The cushion is fantabulous!!

    Veg is looking good too! We have the same problem, where on earth are we going to put the pak choi??


    Have a good week mate!

    Martin :0)

  3. Love-love-love the kindle cover! you could go into business with beautiful covers for not so beautiful technology. gorgeous.

    And happy be-lated brithday :)

    Holly x

  4. Lovely pics as always Christian. Glad to hear you are getting on OK, looking forward to your next post. :)


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