Sunday, May 15, 2011

Very Buzzy Boy...

I don't know what has gotten into me. 2 posts in a week. Unheard of! Am making the most of my time off, chilling, whilst also getting through a couple of lists. Mental lists. Nothing too exciting!

Had the estate agents in this week to value the house. One in particular didn't get a chance to finish her tea after the valuation. The cup was whisked away and put in the dishwasher. I thought it quite subtle. My face said everything when she told me the price. Won't be using them to sell our home. The other 2 were more realistic. A spot of decorating and decluttering to do and we will put it on the market.

I am tormenting myself with, it is getting out of hand. Houses aren't added every 20 minutes, so why am I checking? It is good to know what is out there, but what's the point until this house is sold? It looks like i will be heading into deepest darkness Wiltshire at this rate. As long as I am close to the A303, it'll be ok for work. If you know of a little cottage/terraced house with parking, open fire and a garden, please let me know!

Still busy pottering around the garden. I realised we haven't got any courgette plants, so picked up a couple in the garden centre today. It is so windy here at the mo, hopefully the cloches will give them some protection?

Also got two more Gardener's delight tomato plants to replace the couple I lost to frost. Couldn't resist getting 2 more Cosmos 'double click' for the cutting bed. It is filling out nicely now. Still have the zinnias to plant up and the multi stemmed sunflowers.

I have planted a few lettuces in with the flowers and a handful of beetroot seeds scattered around. Plus a wooden tray full of runner beans that I have no where for. I planted them up for the Appleshaw fair, but they hadn't germinated in time. If you need 50+ runner bean plants, let me know! I don't want to throw them away.

I repotted the sunflowers yesterday as they were looking slightly overcrowded in their little pots. They still look really weak and spindly, but fingers crossed they will do ok. Next door would like a few pots too.

Tomorrow's job is to repot the zinnia seedlings. I have quite a few! Nearly all of them came up, but I can't be ruthless and only pick the strong ones!

I have never done this well with flowers. I always thought them tricky to grow from seed, but they aren't. The only trouble is keeping on top of the watering. I don't like asking Jase or next door, but struggle sometimes when at work on a 3 day trip. Now they are larger, I can risk leaving them outside when I go to work. The watering sprinkler system should make sure they are ok, without flooding them.

Was slightly worried by Pru this morning. She was sat on the nest for ages and still hasn't laid an egg. She seemed a bit withdrawn and her knicker feathers were filthy. Think that has something to do with the amount of savoy cabbage I fed them yesterday! Anyway, still no egg, but she is busying herself in the dustbath, so can't be that poorly!

I still have 7 days off, which will no doubt fly by! Need to make scones tomorrow as Mum & Dad are popping with with my Aunty and Uncle from Germany. But for now, I will put my feet up and finish off my book.

Will leave you with a picture of the latest garden visitor. Loving the pollen on my chive flowers!

C x x x


  1. you have been busy .....i have been torturing myself for years on rightmove and zoopla looking for a smallholding ....on a shoestring budget ;)

  2. Hope all goes well with the move Christian. Hope you find a fantastic little place to move in to!

    The last photo is absolutely fantastic!

    Have a superb weekend and enjoy the rest of your time off!!

    Martin :0)

  3. I'm with 'The Squirrel Family', I often look for a dreamy smallholding in the middle of a nice rural village somewhere... Never find one though... We can all dream... ;)


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