Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hide the cucumber

Greetings from Hamburg everyone! A beautiful sunny day here. Managed to 'borrow' the internet in my room as I am above the free wifi in the lobby..........

Not feeling at all well today. Woke up at 4am with stomach cramps. Now, am slightly concerned as was in Frankfurt yesterday and had a Thai meal. Lots of veg and noodles.....Germany is on high alert with an E. Coli warning for salad veg. We have been told by the company not to eat anything remotely salad like! In an unrelated topic, I went to the gym yesterday and did 7 1/2 sit ups. Don't think the stomach cramps have anything to do with that?!?!?! Also managed to run for 23 minutes. 23 WHOLE minutes without stopping. Am still in shock. Had to have a ciggie and diet coke to calm my nerves afterwards and ignore the fact that my thighs are in spasm and I am walking like Mrs Overall.

Did a very bad thing on Tuesday. I looked at a Cottage. Not just looked, as in drove by, actually made an appointment and went in.....It is lovely. Built before 1616, but not exactly sure when. 2 bedrooms, cute lounge with open fire, conservatory (done nicely with 2 solid walls at each side and french doors), wonky walls, little steps, smallish garden, but doable for hens and a veggie plot, plus a courtyard garden off the lounge, with enough room for a table, chairs and plant pots. Oh, and the kitchen was stunning. VERY rustic, beams everywhere, a larder and this.........

A fully restored Rayburn, dating back to God only knows when! I am very excited about this cottage, even though ours isn't on the market. I probably won't ever live in it, but it means that there are houses out there that I can afford. Not the pokey new builds that I really don't like. It has given me hope. If this cottage is meant to be, then it will still be there when our house is sold, if not, then I will find somewhere else. Looking on the positive side of things helps.

However, if any of you are reading this and fancy donating please visit my webpage at *wink*

No other news to report. 3 more days at work and then a couple off. I really should do some overtime, but can't face it. If my legs keep shaking the way they are at the moment, I might get stuck here for a few days. Not a problem, I have my new kindle with me. Sarah from the Omlet forum very kindly sent me a few books, including all the Harry Potters. I have read them all, but will reread them. I love the stories. I spent last week curled up in front of the fire watching the dvds last week. Magical stories (literally)!

Just finished reading Water for Elephants, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Couldn't put it down in fact. So annoying when work gets in the way of a good book. Have started The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud, which seems good so far. Need to get a reading list together before our holiday in July. Yes, we are going on holiday together. I told you we were friends!!! It'll be lovely, a few days in the sun with private pool, speedos if I dare, loads of garlic and prawns.....ahhhh.

Amazing how I comment that there isn't any other news to report and then waffle on for 3 more paragraphs, isn't it??

My weight is slowly coming down, but then I am back to eating again. Just much less food and less often. Stable at the moment, but hoping it will come down again. Not being silly about it, just eating when I am hungry and trying to eat the right food (apart from here in Germany, remember, salad is banned)!! Now 12 stone 12, which is fine if you are 6'3. I am however, not. Sorry, 4 paragraphs.

Right, better dash!

C x x


  1. Hope your crampy tum is ok and didnt develop into anything.

  2. Hello 'Anonymous'!!

    Thanks for asking, but tunny still cramping! Not sure what is up with it?!

  3. Hope you're feeling better, Christian :(

  4. hope youre feeling a lot better by now Christian. the little house sounds fabulous, if its meant for you it will wait for you!

    Leanne x


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