Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flying snails

Well, I have finished work for a bit now. 12 days to be precise. I love it! After a very long day yesterday, they couldn't use me today, so I am off until the 23rd of May! For once, and you might not believe this, I have absolutely nothing planned! I am going to chill out, try and avoid making endless lists and enjoy the peace and quiet at home.
Jase is away visiting his Mum and Sister in Scotland, due back on Saturday.

Things are good between us. I don't really want to go into details here as that would not be fair, however, we are good friends, there is no one to blame and life will sort itself out.

I have found time for reading! Forgot how much I enjoyed curling up in the armchair and reading a good book. I am currently reading 'The Edible Garden' by Alys Fowler which was a Christmas present. I usually flick through books like this, but am loving her style of writing and enthusiasm for vegetable growing.

Managed to get a few rows of beetroot in the ground today, plus some weeding, hen house fettling, two loads of washing done and dried, the fire cleaned out and built and some biscuits baked. See, I told you I was taking it easy! *wink*

The peas I planted 6 days ago, in a pot on the kitchen window sill for 'pea shoots' are about an inch tall! Must plant some more tomorrow to get a continuous crop. They are so tasty when added to salad and give a lovely pea hit - funnily enough!

3 weeks ago I weighed 14stone 2 pounds (no, I am not 6' 6", so it isn't good). By no means a record high for me, but a high none the less. My weigh has been gradually creeping up over the past few years. A struggle that I will never win, but have resigned myself to the fact that 'six pack' and 'Christian' will never be used in the same sentence. Who wants a six pack anyway?? It is just skin stretched over muscle. I have that already, albeit with a nice insulating layer of fat in between. This morning I weighed 12stone 13 pounds. 17 pounds lost in just over 3 weeks. The easiest diet I have ever done!

Now, before you all start having a go (I have been invited to so many Barbeques at my Mum's, I think she is worried), I am eating. I just eat when I am hungry and when I feel like it. The portion size is dramatically reduced. I realised that I have been eating far too much for the past few years. HUGE portions, leaving me bloated and feeling icky. Not anymore. Little and often works well for me.

The broad beans I planted ages ago are now in flower!

It would appear that I wasn't very thorough digging up last years potatoes, as there are quite a few coming up.

I planted up 2 hanging baskets and popped a tumbler tomato in the middle of each. We'll see how they do this year!

The cutting bed is going well, with the cosmos plants producing a fair few flowers. They have only been in a couple of weeks, but have loads of buds. They are called 'double click'.

The greenhouse has been a haven for snails all week and I seem to spent all my time throwing them into the paddock. They have eaten half my pak choi plants, loads of sunflowers, a couple of dahlias and some kale. Sneaky little blighters. Will hunt in the garage for copper tape, as I know there is some amongst the piles of stuff!

Baby pak choi

Cannot for the life of me remember what this plant is called. I bought it a few years ago and love the thistle-like flowers.

The garden has been so dry for most of April, but we have had several torrential down pours this week. 2 of my 3 waterbutts are now full again! The back garden is starting to fill out nicely and the lupins I bought a few years ago, never fail to impress.

The little Concorde pear tree was in mega blossom mode this year and now look what we have!

There are hundreds of pears on the tree, but I have been thinning out the smaller ones to allow them space to grow. I know that in June they will lose a few, but am helping out early.

Cornelia seems to have snapped out of her broody phase and is bimbling around as normal now. No eggs from her, but she will lay again soon I hope. I like her huge, dark brown eggs. Agnes and Elsbeth are all laying well, although Pru has slowed down a bit. She still lays 3-4 eggs a week, but is getting on a bit at 4 1/2. Elsbeth is the same age, but her eggs have always been so small.

I have lit the fire, and am tempted to get into slobby mode. Will tuck the girls in and then lock up for the night. Have a small collection of dvds next to the tv and might veg out this evening. It is cold in the evenings, not that I need any excuse to light the fire!

C x x x


  1. Woohoo!

    An update! :)

    Broad beans look good, have never had pea shoots in a salad, have had them in stir fries and they are great!

    Have a good day!


  2. The blue thistle-like flower is a cornflower. And I need to get my eyes tested because I mis-read the name of your cosmos 'double dick' ... oooer!!!

    Glad things are good between you and Jase.

  3. Oh, and WELL DONE for losing so much weight!

  4. It is deep purple CL, so don't think it is a cornflower. Really not sure though, will have to google!

  5. Thought I had already posted a comment, but it has disappeared!

    The thistle-like flowers are cornflowers.

  6. You did post, thanks CL, but blogger was playing up and deleted the above blog post and all my comments the other day!


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