Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Answers on a postcard please.....

OOOh, what to do?? I have just received an email from the Weyhill fairground craft and design centre, asking if I would be interested in doing their Garden Fair in May??

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What do you think?? I would need to come up with ideas of things to make that are more outdoorsy (is that a word)? Flowery, picnics? Bunting etc? Seed kits? Any ideas you crafty lot? What would you expect to see at a Garden fair?

I am really excited as they must like me to keep asking me back......I think. I would love to do this full time, but mortgage will not allow at present (or in the foreseeable future *wipes tear from eye*)

Please help!! Any suggestions, email me at or leave a comment please.

Hope you can help!

C x x x


  1. Maybe start with building on your current area of expertise, and then stretch out a bit. So, May. People will be (thinking of) eating out, barbecues, etc. Your current range of textiles could easily be adapted to the eating out and picnic area. Your crayon rolls design could perhaps be adapted to make cutlery rolls (wither individual place settings, or pairs, or to hold one particular type of cutlery, or cruer rolls.

    Maybe introduce some wipe-clean fabrics for some of your items?

    Table runners? Tray cloths?

    Candle stuff with citronella candles?

    Bunting with "congratulations" or "happy birthday" woven into it (maybe do text bunting which can be twisted into the pretty bunting, so people choose one of each - that way you need less stock.

    Chutneys and relishes and pretty food suitable for outdoor consumption.

    All the above are just ways of adapting your current stuff. For new things:
    Gardening aprons, with suitable pockets? Pretty garden kneelers/knee pads?
    If I think of anything more garden-orientated, I'll let you know. xx Hazel

  2. Do it, looks lovely!
    You could take orders for text bunting too...

  3. Go Christian go - you have a talent share it - wooden egg boxes are what we made for school fete and book marks with names on - made out of scraps of paper - Ali's girls (I am real not Christian posting to self LOL)


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