Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eggs on the way?

I know, I know, I have been really bad at updating my blog, Just don't seem to have any time for anything at the mo. Having a laptop that has decided to shut down at the drop of a hat isn't helping. I need to remember to keep saving as I type, as I have lost this post twice already!!

After a 5 day block at work, my lips are cracked and I have a sore throat. Thank goodness I am off for a couple of days. Shame I have a 7 day block to return to on Sunday. Sigh.

The hens got a rather large handful of corn this evening. I haven't been around much this week and they have been missing their bed time treat. Unsure if it was the sun setting, but their combs were looking a brighter shade of red tonight. I am hoping that means they will all start laying soon.

Sat here munching a small plate of cheese straws that I baked earlier. It was peeing down all day, so felt like doing a spot of baking. Ran out of milk, so headed off to the shops for basic supplies and picked up some lovely sausages from the butchers. Plan to make sausage rolls tomorrow.

On my last day off, I spent the day sewing 48 double sided bunting flags. That's something you don't hear very often! Rather than making 9 and sewing up the bunting, I realised that I need to do things on a larger scale. All country cottage style fabric, they look really good. Now most of the work is done, it won't take long to make up the bunting. I did make one special set though.......Jason's Sister is due to give birth any day now (well, she was due on the 5th), so I made some especially for the Baby's room. She has rubber duck thing going on and I managed to find some cute fabric, along with something babyish.

Not the best picture, but how lovely are the little ducks??

Jase flew up to Scotland tonight as his friend's Mum passed away. He will be back on Sunday, ready for work on Monday morning.

Feeling a bit run down tonight. Lips are cracked and throat sore. Just glad I am off for a couple of days. Lip balm at the ready (it is never too far away from me) and had berocca to wash down the cheese straws. In a moment of weakness in Co op today, I relented and bought a Cadburys creme egg. It has been chilling in the fridge all day. It is calling me now.

Will try and update my blog more often, but as I have a new blog to update, I might not be as good as I usually am. Yes, a new blog! I have been asked if I sell the things i make and having set up a dreadful website, that I now can't seem to update, I have decided to use Blogger to start a selling blog. So much easier as I use it already.

Time for my chocolate egg and then bed.

Night night!

C x x x

**new blog details on the right hand side now, Hazel**


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit run down. Don't overdo things.

    Btw, here's the link to your new selling blog?

  2. Christian, how does one actually place an order? Is it a case of emailing you, or will you have a basket thing linked to Paypal?
    Hazel xx

  3. Oh sorry, I've just seen at the top that it says to email you. Doh.


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