Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lunatic asylum

You know you get that feeling sometimes that you should have stayed in bed? Today is one of those days. I popped to the post box with 2 letters in hand and as I dropped them through the slot, I saw my shopping list disappear too!! I do worry about my sanity sometimes. Like the time I couldn't find my wallet. Turned the house upside down and it was no where to be seen. Decided to chill for 5 minutes and make a cuppa. Lo and behold, wallet sitting in the fridge. Obvious really. Anyway, I disgress, so unlike me!!, shop from memory I thought. Bad move.

Decided to go to Quilters dream first, as I needed some curved safely pins, as you do, and some red fabric for binding the table runner that I am yet to make. £24 later, I left and headed to Sainsburys. I am usually a Waitrose shopper, just because their fruit and veg is better quality and owing to the fact that I refuse to shop in Tesco due to their ever increasing greed to dominate the planet. Walked into Sainburys to be confronted with hundreds of Hot Cross buns! I am still getting over the excesses of Christmas, waistline wise as well as with the Mastercard. Do they think us stupid?? Packets upon packets of buns stacked up, next to Cadburys Creme eggs!! Easter is months away. I hate supermarkets and the way they program our minds into purchasing certain items. I won't stand for it. No way. In protest I only bought one packet of 4. *wink* Toasted two when I got home and smothered them in butter, the sort of thickness that you leave teeth marks when you take a bite. Delish.

Funny how everything really important on your list is forgotten the second you drop it into the post box. Will need to go out again tomorrow.

The big news this week is that Pru started laying again. Her comb has been looking rather red this week, but I didn't think for a second that she would lay until February. 2 eggs so far this week and whoopers too. She is a good girl. Hopefully the others will get the hint. The 6 eggs I bought today will have to last as I don't want to buy anymore. Even free range, pampered, naturally roaming in woodland, apple eating from organic orchard, hens' eggs cannot compare to our own.

Their run is decidedly filthy by my standards. I am sure they have no issue with it. Waiting for a dry day to shovel the soiled mess out and give it a hose down. Weather forecast doesn't look promising for the next week, so might have to wait until my week off.

Jase got the results of his latest MRI scan and it showed that his tumour is shrinking!! It really is the best news we could have hoped for and a wonderful start to the New Year.

I think it is veg planning time again! I love this time of year when it is dark outside, I can light the fire and sit with my seed catalogues, a Yankee candle burning and pour over pictures of vegetables. Strange that my veg never looks as good as the catalogues promise, but I still enjoy growing them.

I did plan to start off broad beans and sweetpeas in the autumn, but didn't get 'round to it. The mini plastic greenhouse has taken a battering over winter with one of the zips broken, will need to fix that before I start sowing. The hens were allowed another few hours in the veg garden to help dig over the beds. Please ignore the heaving breathing at the start!! I am not a pervert.

Am making bubble and squeak for dinner, as have loads of left over sprouts and tatties. Jase won't be back until late this evening, so cooking for one! Girls are tucked up in bed, fire is ready to light and 2 loads of washing are hanging up drying. A good day so far, with loads of jobs ticked off.

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  1. Great news about Jase!
    A couple of my girls have re-started laying, much earlier than we expected. Enjoy your bubble and squeak xx

  2. What wonderful news about Jase! Having a really rubbish day so its fantastic to hear such good news! All the best to you both ( and to your lovely girls to, of course!) Suzanne


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