Sunday, January 02, 2011


The New Year hasn't started off too well. Due to a blip with Iphone software, the alarms have stopped working worldwide. I found this out at 9.30 this morning when I woke up and was due to be at work at 9am!!! I called and the first thing that was said is "do you have an iphone"?? They knew, but I didn't.

That means that day one of my annual check (3 days total) is up the wall and I can't just turn up tomorrow, I have to have it re rostered, potentially screwing up my entire roster for January. It was a nice one too. Ho hum, such is life. No point dwelling on it, it is done now. I just hate being late for anything. It isn't me. Anyway, onwards and upwards so to speak. Just annoyed as I even polished my shoes. Properly, with polish, cloth and brush, not your shiny sponge thing!!

I spent most of New Years eve tidying the veggie garden with the hens. It is rare to let them out of their 'chicken corner' but every now and again I give in and let them run amok around the raised beds. They seemed to enjoy them selves and did a grand job at digging over the beds and exposing buried slug eggs (yuck) to feast on. 5 large tub trugs full on old veggie bits, raspberry canes, strawberry leaves and runner bean plants all loaded into the compost bins, which are now full to bursting.

I also raked up leaves from the lawn and filled the leaf mould bin too. My back was killing me and yesterday was a case of gently does it. Today I am fine! Weird. I can cope with that.

I have stacked the fire ready for tonight (or this afternoon if I can't get any warmer) and am thinking about dinner. Not sure what culinary delights I can whip up, but might just settle for a jacket potato loaded with butter. A healthy start to the New Year and all that??!!

Facebook is becoming addictive, mainly scrabble, but also looking at what everyone is up to. I must stop updating my status 4 times a day!! Who cares if I have just eaten a bar of chocolate?? As if it would be ONE bar?!

Right, time to check my roster to see what delights I have been given tomorrow. Fingers crossed it is something good......

C x x

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