Sunday, February 14, 2010

A fashion accessory?

Evening All!

Just a quickie today as have a list as long as your arm (well my arm) *wink*

Off until Tuesday, and lots to squeeze in before then.

Just in from locking the girls up for the night. Jase is in Glasgow visiting a friend and I am back in the door from a friend's retirement party in the depths of Surrey. All the sign posts were covered in algae! Got hopelessly lost, but found it in the end.

Had a weird week. Finally went to see the Doctor, about my wrist, who recommended that I have it xrayed. Turns out I have a tiny hair line fracture which is nothing to worry about, but it is the sprain that is causing the soreness. Am now wearing a rather fetching wrist split in 'hearing aid' beige. Trying to coordinate with brown moleskin trousers isn't easy. I might just wear a golfing tank top and be done with it! It isn't too bad as long as I don't use my hand. Easier said than done when you are right handed and that is the hand restricted! My left hand is refusing to follow my brains instructions.

Fire is stacked ready to light, no idea what to have for dinner. I went mad yesterday and bought M&S macaroni cheese for dinner. I called Jase and said that I was stunned that a tiny portion was 700 calories. He said that wasn't bad, but he wasn't aware of the potato croquettes that were in the oven too! Over dosed on carbs last night.

Sat and made a few more egg cosies, whilst watching Die Hard 13 (or was it 2, there are so many) last night. Freezing cold outside, but snug by the fire. Expecting to drop to -4 tonight. Hot water bottle is on stand by.

My Brother came over today and fixed the leak upstairs, leaving me the leaky pipe as a souvenir. And all the mess to tidy up. Ever tried forcing carpet under skirting boards with your wrist in a splint? No? I don't advise it. Just glad that he was able to come over and fix it. He left with a big bag of chocolate cookies, made with pain from creaming butter and sugar with a wooden spoon - left handed!!!!

Elsbeth, Pru and Agnes and laying nearly every day, just free loaders Cornelia and WInifred to start laying. According to the Old Timers' poultry books, hens should be back in lay by Valentine's day. Must leave a copy in their eglu as they are already late!

Off to have a rummage in the freezer and see what culinary delight jumps out at me.

Have a lovely week everyone.

C x x

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