Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bandaging for beginners

Good morning!

Unusual for me to be writing during the day, more of a night owl when it comes to the written word.

Am off until the 2nd of March now. Really need to get away from work as things are getting fraught. They will sort themselves out, I have to believe that. Just hope it is sooner, rather than later.

I have a chicken course in a couple of hours. House has been blitzed, toilet clean, scones baked and table laid out with jam, plates, chicken books etc etc. Jase woke me at 4.30am to say goodbye and I drifted in and out of sleep until 7, when Pru decided she was up, so why not wake the neighbourhood? I let them out and looked for eggs - none! We did get 3 yesterday though.

My wrist is still sore, but the splint is driving me mad. It hurts more when I wear it. Have resorted to using a small bandage to strap it up and give me some support. Getting quite good at it now. Left handed, using teeth and a lot of patience. Won't win a St John's Ambulance prize, but it does the trick.

Mum and Dad are popping over later, so will bake a cake after my course, if I get time. It is so unlike me, but my courses always over run. Nothing to do with my 'talking for England'. *Blush*

The best news I have had all week is that my egg cosies are wanted! I need to speak about the number etc, but they would like to stock them. *smiles* If only I could find some pale green wool felt, then I could make red, green and blue. Not happy with the green I have found and if I don't like it, then I won't sell it.

The hens got a spring clean yesterday, just before the sleet/snow and rain hit. Eglus spotless and new wood chippings in the chicken garden. They enjoyed scratching around for several hours!

Have to dash now, but will be back at some point in the week. Must dig my camera out and take a few pictures this week.


C x x

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