Friday, October 16, 2009

Panic stations!

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I forgot to update my blog this week!

BIG NEWS, I popped into the Craft centre on Tuesday after another quick trip to Ikea. I only went in to pick up the items I left for them to look over. Anyway, I was offered a stall at the Christmas Fayre!!! I paid for the stall in 2 seconds flat and have agreed to do both days - 28th/29th November. I am now petrified! Jase told me to get sewing, so I have been.

Got back from a 3 day trip this morning, bright and early. Let the girls out as they had been confined to their runs for a day. Feathers everywhere! Thought a fox had got them to be honest, but they have all decided to moult this week. Cornelia has no tail feathers and looks hysterical! 1 egg from 5 hens in 2 days!! Never mind, they need a break.

Right, back to work on stand by tomorrow. Will be loitering around Terminal 5 with a mobile phone hanging around my nexk, praying they don't call me.

Night night all!

C x x x


  1. Congratulations. You deserve that stall after all your hard work.

    Good luck

  2. Yay - have been on tenterhooks!
    Congrats - hope to come down to the fayre!

  3. Thank goodness for that! I've been worried sick about you getting that stall! I only wish I wasn't at the other end of the country so I could come and sample your wares!
    By the way, your blog has influenced me so much I've started sewing and asked Father Christmas for a sewing machine!
    Best of luck with the stall!

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments!! Been shopping here in Copenhagen. Christmas stuff is in the shops and I have had a field day!!!!

    Glad I have inspired you Suzanne! ;0)
    Looking forward to meeting you Caroline - if you can make it :0)

    C x x


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