Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Christmas Forest

I can always tell when Christmas is around the corner, as Boots launch their Christmas catalogue! I always have to pick up a copy and flick through, looking at the array of awful socks, Simpson's soap and other dreadful gifts for men.

Talking of Christmas, who me? *wink* I made these Christmas trees a few weeks ago and forgot to post pictures. Maybe I did post pictures?!?! Who knows, well here they are anyway -

I finished off the gingham hearts yesterday and tried to be arty by hanging them in the pear tree. A partridge is so old hat. With the sun setting, I didn't quite get the look I was hoping for, but you get the idea.

After planting far too many pumpkin seeds - always better to plant to many than too few, I only ended up with 3 pumpkins and a green mutant 'bottom' pumpkin.

Am in Duesseldorf now and Rome tomorrow night, then have my days off. The marathon sewing fest will then commence. My last push before the stall on the 28th November. Have brought several white buttons and silver wire with me and will make a few button hearts this evening. They seem really popular. Wish I could bring my sewing box along, but think that is going too far. Wouldn't have enough room for my shopping then............!

Can't believe it is 16.10 (well 17.10 here in Germany) and dark already. Gloomy and miserable outside, so will sit and craft until bed time. Was up at 5am this morning and starting to feel it now. Will be woken at 4.05am tomorrow by the, no doubt, chirpy receptionist. How I hate their upbeat voices at that hour. Hee hee.


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