Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh, the shame.

Would you have a dog and bark yourself? No, but I hung my head in shame as I walked into the farm shop today. I was forced to buy eggs!! It isn't the girls' fault. They are seriously dropping feathers now and look like ex battery hens - well Cornelia does. Just glad that it isn't too cold at the moment and they are snug in their eglus! Elsbeth is the only one laying and her eggs are tiny. She lays every 2nd/3rd day, which I am grateful for, but I need more eggs for baking.

Been at work for what seems like weeks. I have two days off now, well one, as I am back on Thursday. Spent today making fabric stockings -

and tiny gingham hearts which I am still in the process of sewing. Quite chuffed with the results so far.

Spotted a new friend in the garden the other night. Have been on at Jase for ages about rescuing one, but no need now as Humphrey had taken up residence.

I think the flash startled him somewhat. Oops.

I popped into Pets at home and bought some hedgehog food. Either he is eating it or we are feeding the mouse/rat population. I 'built' - use the term lightly - a hedgehog area behind the oil tank when we first moved in. Just some dry leaves, sticks, twigs and logs and forgot all about it. Maybe Humphrey is the reason for the lack of slugs and snails in the garden?

Jase should be home soon, so thought I would update quickly. The craftings at Farm Cottage are going well. Fingers not quite bleeding, but rather impressive callouses have appeared on my hands. I am worried about the amount of things I still have to make. Too few and I won't have enough for 2 days. Too many and we will need a bigger house. Dilemma.

I was extremely weak the other day. I saw a book I fancied and couldn't wait. I know that I am doing this 'buy nothing new for a year' and could claim that it was a crafty book and counted as 'business', but that wouldn't be right. I wanted it. Simple as that!! I have done really well this year. I do think more about what I am buying and have saved some cash. (The Bank Manager is laughing at my last comment)!!

Crafting Christmas Gifts need I say more?

Visited the sewing shop, again. I really should have my own dedicated parking space outside. I did pick up some cotton tape to make some bunting though! My next project. When I get 2 minutes to scratch my backside. Needed more cotton for the stocking felt and a few other bits and bobs.

Last week I bumped into a girl at work that I flew with months ago. She asked if I was selling my Christmas puddings again this year as she was interested. I gave her my new business card *proud moment alert*. Someone else on the crew bus asked for one too and has ordered 4 Christmas puddings and 6 jars of jam for friends and family.

I have 3 medium puddings cooking at the moment. Well, they have been since 12 o'clock, the steamer is working overtime today. Will wrap them tomorrow and then they are ready for delivery to Italy! An Italian crew member I flew with in May has ordered them for his Family.

Talking of work, I guess you will have heard the news about us being balloted for strike action? Not a nice time, but I don't really want to go into it here. Walls have ears and all that *looks around anxiously* Hee hee.

Better sort my puds out and stoke the fire. Was tempted to hide the egg box to see if Jase would notice the difference, but the lion stamp would have given it away!

Speak soon,

C x x x


  1. It's a good day when there's an update on your blog, Christian. I have been following your exploits for a while now, but have never posted. Keep it up and good luck with all the crafty stuff. xxxx

  2. Hi Christian.

    Would love to order some more Christmas goodies - last year's were superb - but I'm off, at the weekend, to Scotland to house-hunt, and may not be back until January. Will contact you then to see if there's anything left!!

    Am I the first to wish you both a Very Happy Christmas!!

    Hope the trials and tribulations at work are sorted soon and satisfactorily.


  3. Welcome to Humphrey - he'll be looked after so well, he'll probably invite his mates along too! I'm just wondering ...... how many days in your week? Is it the same as everyone else? ;)

  4. At the moment, I think it is about 11 days to a week Cloots! *wink*

  5. Don't worry Mayo. The Farm Cottage cooker is always on! I am sure I can rustle something up for you!


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