Sunday, July 12, 2009

Natural remedies

I know it isn't right to have favourites, but I have. Winifred isn't too well today. I noticed that she had a huge crop this morning. (For those of you who don't keep hens, the crop is where they store food all day, and digest it over night - the crop should be empty in the morning). She is withdrawn and listless, not interested in food and generally looking sad.

After my hen course today, I popped her in a cat basket to take a better look and brought her indoors, so I could keep an eye on her. Her crop is huge and squishy - sour crop - yeast infection. I have given her some natural yoghurt and apple cider vinegar in her water. It should restore the balance of good bacteria in her crop. She is having a nap in the kitchen as I type. If she is no better tomorrow, then she can visit Uncle Grant at the Vet surgery.

I have my part time week now. Not back to the joys of Terminal 5 until the 20th July. Jase has 2 more zaps to go and is then finished with radiotherapy. No more traveling to Guildford for treatment everyday. Will be a relief that is all over.

Last week, we went to Hampton Court Flower Show. It was the RHS members day, so less crowded than normal. I took my camera, but between the constant rain showers and threats of thunder and lightning, I didn't take many pictures.

The best thing about Hampton Court -

Lots of fantastic stalls inside, Country cottage type bits and bobs, throws, jams and quilts. My kind of place.

The one garden I loved for it's unusual planting was the 'Hanging Bra-skets and pant planters'!! -

The strawberry pants were hysterical!

If Mum said it once she said it 10 times. "It looks like its brightening up over there". Believe me, It didn't brighten up. The heavens opened at every opportunity. We took our roll along trolley with us, the must have accessory for Hampton Court. How else do you drag your plants around, whilst grazing ankles and tripping up unsuspecting visitors?? We are not going with Mum and Dad next year. It is sunny when they don't come with us!

Jase is asleep on the sofa, snoring away. Columbo on the TV. I thought I would write a quick update before heading back to the hospital wing in the kitchen.

Cornelia is still broody. Her chest looks red raw where she insists on pulling feathers out, to line her nest. A spot of savlon seems to help. She might not be laying at the moment, but she is adorable when you see her all fluffed up, growling. She isn't aggressive as some broodies can be. I lift her off the nest every couple of hours to give the others a chance to lay. Even though they have 2 eglus to lay in, they all like to lay where Cornelia is sitting!! Daft chickens.

The back garden is growing like mad. It looks relatively neat and tidy until you get close and see the amount of weeds that have taken hold.

I will get to grips with the weeding this week. I have too. The buttercups are everywhere and need pulling. I picked up a few echinacea plants called 'Baby Swan' that look like inside out daisies. I have planted them in the front, just to get them in the ground, but think I will move them later.

Been busy making things for the Weyhill Christmas Fayre, but haven't been over there yet to see if they will even let me have a stall. Must do that this week too. Am sewing scottie dogs to use as pin cushions, but need to go into Town to get stuffing for them. Stuffing? If that the right word? You know what I mean.

Had a log delivery and they are all neatly stacked and ready for winter. One more load and then I will be happy. Horrible job, stacking logs. With Jase tired due to the radiotheraoy and my back, we aren't that chirpy whilst stacking. He loads onto the wheelbarrow and brings them round the back and I climb into the log store and stack. It works well and means we are still speaking!

The peas, courgettes, carrots and beans are doing well. Even pulled a few carrots for dinner yesterday. Very sweet and satisfying, having finally grown carrots that are a decent size. The wood pigeons have pinched the red and blackcurrants and the raspberries aren't fairing too well against ariel attacks. Will definitely net them next year. The blueberries are covered so should be able to eat those before they are scoffed.

Better get back to Winifred and try to get her to eat more yoghurt. Poor girl. She really doesn't look well. Fingers crossed she will be ok.


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  1. Sorry to hear Winifred is poorly, sour crop is horrible.

  2. Aw, poor Winifred; hope she improves. Lovely post, I love the day-to-days of blogs, much more fascinating then pretentious high falutin'..............




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