Monday, June 29, 2009

Splinters everywhere....

Evening All!

We went on a train ride yesterday. The Watercress line offers trips out and a Sunday lunch along the way! It was a Christmas present from my Uncle for Mum, Dad, Jase and I.
I wasn't too sure at first, but we had a nice day. It was stinking hot all day and has been getting hotter all week. Expecting 30c+ tomorrow. Glad I am off and can wear shorts all day!

I have been busy today! I donned my carpenter's shorts (he didn't mind)! and decided to visit Wickes and get some wood for a raised planter for the patio. I can link it up to the watering system and make this a dedicated salad planter.

My wood working skills are not the best, but I do have a rather impressive blister on my palm now though. The splinters or 'skelfs' as Jase would say, are out and have been treated with tea tree oil!! Decided to use screws rather than my usual 'hammer and nails, give it a whack' approach!

Looks good in green! -

Was on a roll, so made a window box for the utility room window.

The carrot and onion bed are doing well. The tomatoes are on the left, broad beans taking over at the back.

Jase is feeling the effects of the radiotherapy now and is getting tired. Only 11 zaps to go though!

Work is getting everyone down, with constant talk of cost savings and working for nothing. I won't go into details here, but it is driving me nuts and I am glad to be away from it for a few days. My roster for July is good with several night stops which means less trips down the motorway!

My next project is lip balm, so have been 'brewing' calendula oil for a week now. Need to strain it through muslin and mix with bees wax and a few other choice ingredients. Doesn't look nice does it? Gorgeous colour though.

Heading off to the garden centre tomorrow to get some compost and a few herb plants, as my other window box dried up and all the herbs died. Might see if they have any perennials for the back garden too. The willow fence is looking a tad bare. Might even treat the girls to some dried meal worms. They are laying really well with 4-5 eggs a day. Although with the heat, they aren't too happy, spending most of the day sleeping under the shade of the privet hedge. Would it be too much to give them a sun umbrella? Probably.


  1. Planters look fab Christian, well done!

  2. Gotta show off those tanned legs, Christian!


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