Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back to normal

Just a quickie to update you all. Winifred was no better the following morning, so I took her to see the vet. She was very good and he agreed with the sour crop diagnosis. A quick antibiotic and 'tummy churning' jab and we came home. I continued feeding her with Rachel's Organic natural yoghurt (only the best, she won't do 'own brand'). The vet gave me some injections to give her at home and she is looking good!

She hasn't laid but I am glad that she is back to normal again and taking a break. Happy and content, bright red comb and still in top hen position :0)

Back to work on Monday, but have been busy all week. Haven't actually done anything on my list, but nothing new there. I have made several pin cushions for the Christmas Fayre (which I still don't know if I am doing).

and a close up......

My August roster is already out and it is quite good trip/money wise. Shame I won't be home much. Guess that goes with the job though. At least I have a couple of trips to do some Christmas shopping. Yes, I did just say that.

We popped to Basingstoke yesterday to get a new pair of shoes for work and a shirt for J's sister's wedding at the weekend. Picked up a Christmas pressie for Mum. I like to start early. What do you mean, too early?? It will be here sooner than you think!! Mark my words.

Right, have to get a wiggle on and give the girls their evening pellet porridge. Winifred has been getting extra portions of porridge with additions (antibiotic powder and yoghurt) and is quite content when I grab her and secretly feed her.

Will leave you with another picture of Winnie, complete with yoghurt on her wattles!


C x x

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  1. Glad she's feeling better, love reading your blog you inspire me! Keep it up. Jane


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