Friday, June 05, 2009

Spotted in public.

Ok, finally a couple of days off and time to update you all.

It has been fantastic weather since we got back from holiday. Today it changed though and I had to wear jeans. Most upset as my legs are never this brown and I wanted to show them off! Hee hee.

There is a local craft centre down the road that I visited today. Looking for a Father's day pressie for Dad. The centre was featured on Village Voices last year (you remember the one with me on - shudder). Managed to get him a hand made 'scientific' pencil, made from laburnum. The Lady that works there was so excited that I came into the shop. She screeched "it's the Chicken Man", as I walked in. Celebrity. Apparently. Lots of people have been coming to the craft centre asking about chicken courses, so I said I would drop off my details next week.

I did ask her about the Christmas fayre that the centre holds every year. It is open to anyone with 'craft type things' to sell. Local people only. Might be another chance for me to sell some bits and bobs as I am only a few miles down the lane.

I then went into Stockbridge to get the raffia that I need to wrap the wedding favours. Simple white tissue paper and a raffia bow. Bought a couple of packs as it is nice stuff and will come in handy for something I'm sure.

I popped into the Garden Inn, my favourite shop, and was very restrained. To be honest I was chomping at the bit to get everything in the shop, but luckily the Lady who works there distracted me by asking how the courses were going and what I was up to, not that I was acting suspiciously!

Came home via Waitrose, with a boot full of food (well, boot, front and rear seats - it is a Mini after all) and a very long till receipt. It is never a quick, cheap shop, is it?

Finished off the first batch of elderflower cordial.

You can tell summer has arrived at last. The utility room smells heavenly. I made about a litre of the golden stuff and it is decanted into sterile bottles ready for later in the year. A second bowl is brewing nicely. Will probably make another couple of batches next week.

The Girls were honoured earlier in the week. We put up the netting and allowed them to free range on the lawn.

Elsbeth and Winifred fascinated by a bucket of water. Agnes just amazed that she is allowed so close to the 'top' hens!

"You keep a lookout and I'll try and grab the geraniums"

We harvested our first lettuce this week. We splurged on a new Barbeque as had friends staying for the weekend and our old one was beyond cleaning. *Top tip, when you have used the barbie, clean it and put it away for the winter! Life forms grow on barbeque grills if they are dirty* Local sausages from the Butcher and home grown salad. Lovely.

I have been quite concerned about Cornelia all week as she hasn't been eating much and her crop is practically empty at night. Checked again yesterday and she was bulging with food *smiles*. She hasn't laid in weeks due to being broody, but we finally got a lovely dark egg from her this morning. She was happily scratching at the grass all day, picking up bugs and tasty morsels.

They all look so healthy and content. The lawn is not faring so well.

Time to say goodnight. I am so hungry and need to make a cake for Mum and Dad visiting tomorrow.


C x x

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  1. Looking forward to the cake, Christian!
    Didn't let Dad see the post about his pressie.
    Hope there will be some eggs for us today as had to buy insipid looking eggs recently!
    Mum xx


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