Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tick tock.......

I stumbled across a writer's blog this evening and wondered if it would be something that I could do? Could I write? I know that I do, by updating my little on line diary here, but could i do it properly? I have had many comments from (deluded *wink*) people saying how much their enjoy reading my random mutterings, but could I make a living out of it?

I often sit in my armchair in the winter with the fire roaring, always late at night, typing away. I seem to think more clearly at night. In the summer I spend my time in the kitchen, stable door open, listening to the sounds of nature that work their way through the open door.

I have a mental block towards grammar sometimes, my use of apostrophes has been regularly attacked by the punctuation police and don't get me started on spelling! I always thought my spelling was good until I started this blog, now I second guess every other word! But (can I start with a but)? I enjoy writing!! I always read my entries out loud to see if the reader will understand what I am getting at. My sense of humour worries me. It is definitely strange and I am frequently called barking mad. I am, however, honest. I hope that comes across?

Back to the little house in Hampshire!

The clocks change this evening and summer is on it's way. The seedlings are coming on well.

Spinach (for the chickens)!

Sweetpeas for cutting all summer long.

A thyme plant in a recycled olive oil tin, that I 'liberated' from a dustbin outside a restaurant in Scotland (much to OH's disgust). I was egged on by his Mum! Honest!

After spending 20 minutes this evening, trying to reset the time on my mobile phone, I am not even going to attempt the cooker! It is now 1am (midnight really) and I should go to bed. 2 more days off and back to the wonderful world of Customer Service. Lovely. Not.

I will leave you with a picture of my little pear tree springing into life.

Night night everyone.

C x


  1. the writting is brilliant and I'm sure more people will enjoy it. As for the speeeling and gramor - thats what the computer can help with! Go for it!!!

  2. From Mayo . . .

    Your grammar aint so bad; just remember that a preposition is something you should never end a sentence with !!
    Best of wishes to you both.

  3. Hi Christian - glean away. I often cause my OH considerable trepidation when we go walking. Junk, treasure, recycling - this transaction brings pleasure for all. And do keep up the writing - your sense of humour isn't barking mad, it's offbeat and fun.


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