Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy with Veggies

Evening! After a few days of glorious sunshine, I headed out to the veggie garden. It was so warm that I tidied up the plot and planted out a few more seeds. After rearranging the area and finally deciding where to put everything, I now have a dedicated strawberry bed. The blackbirds that nested in our log store last year, have taken up residence in next door's hedge, so will be planning raids on the ripe berries again, I'm sure. I have outsmarted them though! ;0) Quite fine netting all the way 'round.

A new chard bed, with room for beetroot!

and spinach for the Girls -

Dug over the bed near the chicken area, and planted some peas. Decided to go for 'Blauschokker' with very dark blue/black pods. I have covered the area with chicken wire to try and stop the mice. Haven't seen them around for weeks, so hopefully the neighbouring fields are providing enough pickings for them.

The mini daffs in the herb planter outside the kitchen window are doing well. They are tiny, but look great.

The broad beans that I planted in paper pots are now in their bed.

I watched a great programme on telly this evening - 'Grow your own drugs'. He uses plants and herbs to make home made remedies.
I like the idea of lip balm, so have been researching!! There is a fab shop in Glasgow that sells all the raw ingredients. I could order via the internet, but I have a Glasgow nightstop in a couple of weeks, so will pop in and see what they have. Plan to get a few jars and bottles to make pressies - another string to my bow.

Found out from the Lady that I get my chicken supplies from, that the local school holds a Christmas Fair every year. £10 entrance for sellers and you can sell anything. I plan to do lots of jams, jellies, oils, Christmas puds, cakes and biscuits. I might add some creams and lip balms to the list? Will see how I get on with the starter kits and take it from there.

Jase is back to work tomorrow for 3 days. Will give me a chance to catch up with the whole series of Grow your own drugs on iplayer! Can't believe I have missed it, as It is very much my thing.

The fire is dying down and the temperature is dropping. The wind was wild today, really cold. I did manage to go to the garden centre though and get a few hanging baskets and trailing geraniums.

The plum tree at the end of the garden is starting to blossom, Spring is on it's way!!

Time to go, so speak to you again soon.

C x x x


  1. wow.. you grew all this.. that is so great.. good luck with the veggies

  2. Your veg garden looks great! How did you make or where did you buy your cane pea hoop things?

  3. The canes were from a local garden centre and just secured with a cane across the top and tied on!

    The garden can get quite windy as we are near Salisbury Plain, so everything has to be tied down!!

    C x x

  4. Christian, you always make me smile. Keep up the good work in the veg plot and good let us know how the lip balm goes.

    love Suzanne

  5. I love reading your blog - just to see what I am supposed to be doing!

  6. Hi, You might remember me ? I'm Beth, arrived at your hen course 14th March late?
    Omlet delivered Tues.One of the most exciting days of my life for a long time.
    Hens ( three ) well settled.My Westie being fairly good.
    Got my first egg today ! Cant believe it happened so soon.
    Have found local food/advice/equipment e.t.c.
    Work at Brambridge Park Garden Centre,Eastleigh. If you are ever in the area do pop in to say hello.
    Am there Wed-Fri 9-3, but do visit anytime as we are a fab garden centre. Take care, Beth

  7. I have the Grow your own Drugs book - it was a birthday pressie bought by people who didn't ask what I wanted and thought about me enough to get something I would like (if you know anywhere I could sell 5 decorative "40" glasses - each hand painted and costing between £10 and £20 each do let me know!). Anyway I digress - if you want any recipes just PM me on Omlet or email me and I'll send them to you.


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