Friday, March 06, 2009

Rustic crafting?

After a few days off sick with, erm, lets just say tummy trouble to be polite, I am now on days off. 2 days of dry toast and ryvitas, the new pumpkin ones - lovely, my tummy is nearly back to normal!!

Jase joined the local gym earlier and came back aching. He had his induction today and came home a little shaky! I'm sure he will get used to it after a few visits. I am lucky, in that I am blessed with a perfect figure and don't need to exercise. *cough* Some would say the physique of a badger.

I have had a really nice day today. Spent most of it in the garden. :0) Decided to cut back the privet hedge in the chicken area, as it was getting a little wild. The girls had great fun, stripping the leaves and jumping on piles of branches.

Agnes and Cornelia having a root around -

There were so many branches that I made a few plant supports for the lupins and foxgloves.

They were a bit fiddly to make, but I am rather impressed with the rustic look of them. Need to make several more, as all the lupins are starting to come up.

I went to Lidl yesterday (dark glasses and headscarf as always) and bought these little seeds trays. 4 for £4.88, bargain!

Quite a few seeds still to plant and am itching to get them in. I usually start too early and end up with a house full of leggy seedlings.

The buttons for wedding favours arrived in the post today, so I can get cracking with those soon. 40 to make, but have a bit of time still. I will take the buttons and wire with me on trips and make them whilst away. Need to get hold of some lilac raffia to tie a bow to each one and then I am done. As the meerkat says 'simples'!

We have had 2 x 5 egg days this week!! Poor little Laverne has retired as she hasn't laid for over a year now. I think it is unlikely that she will lay again. She seems happy enough, apart from a slightly dodgy tummy. I gave her some bokashi bran with her porridge (what do you mean spoilt)? this afternoon. Hopefully it will clear up soon.

I will leave you with a picture of Winifred!

The fire is dying down now and I am exhausted. Really should go to bed soon as have been writing this on and off since 8pm.
It is now 11pm, so night night all.

C x x

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  1. They look surprisingly good Christian, well done you!


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