Sunday, July 20, 2008

First prize at the village show?

Lovely day so far. The alarm went off at 6am and I hit snooze 10 times! Got up around 7ish. Let the girls out and sat in the garden with a cup of tea and the sun coming over the hill. Bliss.

I spent yesterday breaking my back turning 2 compost bins full of, errr 'chicken waste' and veg peelings. Cleaned out the chicken runs and took the blue eglu run out of the chicken area. We don't need it at the moment. They are fine with 4 hens in the extended run. It gives them more space too. I have left the blue eglu there so they have an extra nest to lay in. Another 3 egg day from the Girls. They are doing well, despite looking scruffy.

Did another Hen Party today and Winifred was pretty good at being handled. She hadn't laid at the time and she is always a little bit bolshy before an egg!

The rabbit is back. That is unless something else has a taste for chives. Losing a few chives, I can cope with. The reinforced veggie plot is holding it's own. No further damage. Yippeeeee!

I pulled up the garlic today, as it had blown over. Didn't think it would come to much but it looks good. Left it to dry out by hanging it up. Have about 10 bulbs which will last a while.

The 'front' garden is looking good despite Mr Munchy getting his paws on things.

Hard to believe that this area was only lawn a couple of months ago.

My attempt at protecting the french beans -

My awarding winning Lily plant after an attack. Don't think I will be entering it in this years Village show -

Popped over to Mum and Dad's for a barbie yesterday and the clan were all there. Ellis and Grace were both on best behaviour and it was nice to see everyone. Headed home in time to lock the girls up and settled down to watch the Color Purple. My favourite. Was in the mood for a good tear jerker film last night. Feel better today and have done lots of niggly jobs that needed doing. Made some pistachio fudge for the freezer (if it makes it that far).

All packed for work tomorrow - boo. Only 3 day block so bearable. House is looking good and tidy for a change. Makes you feel better when everything is put away and neat. Oh no, I think the OCD is returning!

Better go and make dinner, chili and jacket potato tonight. Meal for one as Jase is away. Sob!

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  1. Wow! What a transformation of the front garden. It is looking lovely.



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