Tuesday, July 01, 2008

'Brights eyes, burning like fire'

Finished my 5 day block and have today off. I got up with Jase this morning at 5ish(?) It's a bit of a blur to be honest.

Anyway, did have a Larnaca trip tomorrow (the start of a six day block) but managed to finally swap it for a Frankfurt and back tomorrow and a Rome and back on Thursday. Just want to be home a bit more at the moment. Plus the thought of 5 hours on a plane with the shell suit brigade, brings me out in hives.

Spent the day pottering around the garden and sat out reading Country Living magazine for an hour or so. It was warm today, but cloudy. Watered the garden and tidied up a bit. Have cut up 'garden fresh' strawberries for pudding this evening. Haven't thought about what to do for dinner yet.

Thinking of renaming the house 'Watership Down'. I have solved the mystery of the nibbled carrot tops and dug up onions. A bloody rabbit!! A nice little pile of rabbits droppings greeted me this morning. Think I preferred mice. At least chickens eat mice. Will have a think about what to do now.

If the rabbits weren't bad enough, I also have the blackbird to deal with. She has taken it upon herself to eat my ripe strawberries. Not whole ones, just a few pecks from each!! I have netted them now. That should stump her!!

The sweet peas are taking off finally and i have picked a few bunches so far. Mowed the lawn today too. Looks tidy now. Didn't quite manage the stripes that Jason gets, (I don't have the patience) but it looks good now.

The girls keep the other lawn 'tidy' and haven't dug a dust bath in the middle - yet. We have had a fair few occasions of 3 egg days this week. All the 'new' girls are laying well. I won't mention Laverne's laying!! She is doing well though and loves being on the lawn, scratching up the moss. I have enough for a few hanging baskets now. I might rent her out as a scarifier.

Next door are on holiday so I went over to check that all was well. Watered a couple of hanging baskets and opened the greenhouse. Their garden is beautiful, but Sandra doesn't work, so she does have more time than me.

Can't wait for this block to be over. We are going to RHS Hampton Court flower show on the 8th July. Really looking forward to it. Shame I am poor as there is always so much to buy. Have the handy box on wheels ready to pop a few purchases in. Who am I kidding? A few purchases??

Jase has just text to say he has landed, so should be home by 8pm. Better think of something for dinner.


C x x x

Edit - Call from M&S and a rather eager Jase wanting a BAR-B-Q. We are having steak apparently. Better go out and pick a lettuce to make some sort of salad to go with it!!

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  1. I have a great recipe for rabbit in dijon mustard with cider and cream! Anyway - off to buy ingredients for my chicken tagine tonight - free range of course!


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