Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thought it would take months of persuading......

Been a busy week as always. The weather has been funny today. Sun one minute, drizzly rain the next. Still nice to be sat outside, under the umbrella, writing this though.

Jase and I decided to paint the kitchen, lounge, utility room, stairs and spare room this week. Admittedly we haven't got it all done as yet, but we are getting there.

The kitchen is now wedgewood blue and cord. Really difficult to match the colours as the tiles are a very dark blue. Jase has filled the plaster that fell off the wall from a leaking shower above and we just need to sand that, give it a final coat of paint and we are done!!

The lounge looks stunning, if I say so myself. Cuban red on the chimney breast and far wall. It is so cosy and warm, without being too oppressive. Wish we had used that colour years ago! Need to find a few bits and pieces for the lounge now to tie the colour in.

We spent yesterday outside as it was lovely and sunny. Jase painted the wooden garage and I spent an age rabbit proofing the veggie garden. I got hold of 25 metres of green coated chicken wire from ebay and set about stapling it to the picket fence to keep the rabbit out. After a quick walk down the lane, to get to the outside fence, I used normal, make-your-fingers-bleed chicken wire to try and stop the little blighter digging under. I hope it works!

With the veggie garden now officially (hopefully) rabbit proofed, I planted some lettuce seeds and placed a wire cloche over the top. Took me blimmin' ages to make the cloche and it doesn't fit properly, but looks very 'rustic'.

With one runner bean plant 8' tall and the others 12" tall (thanks Mr Rabbit) I don't really expect a huge bumper crop this year. I forgot that I planted some in the back garden, they seem to be doing ok. Unlikely that I will be selling surplus this year. Will concentrate more on jams, jellies and puddings, with the odd biscuit thrown in for good measure.

Have I mentioned that someone wants to sell my jams and jellies at a Farmer's market?? Not sure if I have. Well, I am really chuffed. Need to source cheaper jam jars, but am looking forward to it. Won't be leaving work just yet, but the cash will come in handy for odds and sods.

The girls gave us four eggs yesterday. Good old Laverne's egg was perfect! The 3 'new' girls appear to be moulting. Their neck and throat feathers are looking a little sparse and Winifred has a bald patch. Small white spines are peeping through, so that is a good sign; more feathers on their way. Will treat them to some tuna this week and give them poultry spice in their food as a boost.

Gave Dad another 3 boxes of eggs to sell, but think that they will slow down, now they are moulting. Shock, horror, we might have to buy eggs!!

Had dinner and off for a bath now. Will light the fire as it is a little chilly.


C x x x

P.s BIG NEWS - Jase agreed to getting more chickens in the Autumn!! More about that later, I am so excited!!


  1. Hi Christian - just wanted to thank you for your lovely blog. You're funny, caring, articulate - a real pleasure to read.

  2. Thank you for that! Really nice of you. You didn't leave a name........

    C x x


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