Sunday, May 11, 2008

The drippin' is driving me mad.

After a few good days at work and an early (5am) stand by yesterday - i got a Paris and back- my throat can't take anymore! I thought it was hay fever at first, but the puffy neck tells a different story. Tonsilitis (again)!!! I say again, but I haven't had it for a few years. I am lucky that I don't get the aches and pain, just the sore throat. Sniffly and horrible.

I was up at 5.30 this morning and felt rough, so Jase told me to go sick. Feel bad, as it was one flight out to Rome and all day there, but hey ho. Sick is sick.

Got lots done yesterday. Planted out my potted onions, sowed carrots in between the rows, tomato plants are in as are beetroot, radishes and peas!

I need to get a couple of chili plants from the garden centre at some point. Thought I would plant some with the tomatoes and a couple of basil plants to deter white fly.

My little greenhouse is working overtime, packed with sunflower seeds, borlotti and runner beans and a few marigolds. The sweetcorn is about an inch tall which isn't bad as I only planted it a week or so ago. Poor rickety old thing! Look at it! Hee hee. The bungee cord is to stop it blowing over!
I have dug over a small square bed and will grow a pumpkin underneath and some beans up the corn a la 'three sisters'!

The blackbird chicks hatched a few days ago and have vanished! They must have left the nest already as it was empty 3 days ago. Checked yesterday and look what I found.......

They might get 3 hatches at this rate! Good for them.

The giant, fancy schmancy garden umbrella with lights has seized up, so I found another one in the garage. Sat outside now, typing away, 27 degrees at 11.30am and snot running down my chin. Lovely! Nice to wear shorts for a change, my legs need the sun.

Mum and Dad are popping over later with some goodies from Germany. Have made some cheese scones and think we will sit outside for a while.

The 2 lawns need mowing again! However I am under strict instructions to do nothing today! So that is what I will do.

Who am I kidding?? I can never sit and do nothing. Might do a white wash and mop the kitchen floor. It really needs it. The bedding could do with a wash too. *taps fingers on table looking for things to do*

Going to take a sudafed to try and stop this runny nose. Either that or shove some tissues up my snoz.

C x x x

p.s 4 eggs today! Nothing from Laverne, as she is taking a well earned break. Or so she tells me!!

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