Saturday, April 28, 2007


Well I've bitten the bullet and made the beds myself! Went to Wickes and bought the wood and bits and pieces. Spent a couple of hours hammering, being all butch etc and ta da! Here they are!

Yes, that is weed suppressing membrane - only 50 m2 of the damn stuff, stapled round the edges and inside each bed to stop the bl@*dy weeds that infest the garden. If any do get through, they deserve to live!

And with 15 bags of bark chippings!

Mortimer the Mini did extremely well with the carrying of compost!
How many bags can you get in a Mini??

With only a minor injury to my finger, (hand modelling days are over) the job was done in just under 2 days!!! Saving several hundred £££ and the knowledge that I have done it myself. How happy am I feeling right now???

I had another physio appointment this week. She cracked me and prodded and pillows were used again! She was very impressed with my flexibility (must tell OH :o) - down to years of yoga and pilates I told her) *nose growing longer* She has given me exercises to do every day *mental note, get lycra out of wardrobe*, which will strengthen my back and i'll be a good as new!

We are driving to Scotland tomorrow to visit OHs Mum. Only 480 miles sat in the same position, I'm sure my back will be fine! I've made up a cool bag of delicious, nutritious snacks; Rolls, chocolate hobnobs, ritz crackers, crisps, fairy cakes, crunchie bars and the token banana each!!!! That should fill us up with 'good' cholesterol for the journey!

Enjoy the weather and see you all soon!

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