Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good and Bad News!

On the positive side, my OH has finally gone back to work after nearly 4 months off. He had a benign tumour removed from his head at the beginning of Jan. The latest MRI scan is clear so all seems well and can breathe a sigh of relief. Getting up at 5-30am is a shock to his system, but he'll get used to it! Hehe.

Well here goes...................! After waiting patiently for months to get my veggie garden sorted, with new deep beds, paths etc, the guy didn't show up yesterday! I have called and left messages, but no answer. I'm raging. I hate being let down like this. (i will feel really bad if something has happened to him, but until i know otherwise his name is mud).

Really not sure what to do now, as the house has been taken over by seedlings ready for planting. God i'm so mad.

Just taken a fresh loaf out of the oven and will 'drown my sorrows' with that and a packet of Lurpak 'slightly salted'!!!!

Its been raining on and off for 2 days which hasn't elevated my mood either. Luckily OH is at work so doesn't have to suffer my crabiness today. Think I will pop to the garden centre to cheer myself up. Chilli plants should be ready by now as mine are crispy things in pots!

More to come when the bread kicks in and i'm in a better mood. Peace and goodwill to all men - yea right!

15.53 and still in a stinking mood. Been out to one of my old beds and those B@st*rds slugs have eaten some of my carrots and lettuce. More bread I think. Maybe chocolate? Chinese? Pizza? I can't lose weight and I have no idea why. God i'm depressed.


  1. Hey Christian, they look great! I'm really impressed that you've decided to have a go yourself, no, they won't be perfect, but you can look at tehm and say "We did that", which means much more. Good on ya!

  2. Oh Christian, you sounded so dispairing in this post. I hope after tackling the job yourself you have sound a bit of sunshine and your mood has lifted. I think it's great you've had a go yourself. What a great sense of achievement you must have now. I think it deserves a slice of pizza, a chinese takeaway, a bar of chocolate and a glass of wine!


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