Saturday, June 16, 2012


Two weeks ago I planned to sit down and write my blog.  Ooops.  After receiving 2 emails today reprimanding me for not doing so, I am sat here with a vegetable cup-a-soup (I know how to live) and will blog away! (Thanks to Hazel and anonymous for the comments)!!

Another Birthday has been and gone and according to my calculations, I am now 38.  Not quite sure if that is possible, but born in '74 means it must be.  I still feel about 15, although the lines of time seem to be stampeding across my face at an alarming rate.

Been a tricky year, bit painful, lonely and well, odd to say the least, but also lots of good stuff has happened.  J and I are still good friends, probably better than ever, Milo is just a dream come true and always makes me smile and Bramble Cottage, my comfort, is a sanctuary.

Even though I have a Kindle, the greatest invention of the modern age, I am still a sucker for a good book.  It is fantastic for work, holidays (once a year, as love being at home) but nothing beats the feel of paper and stunning pictures.  I saw this book last year and refused to spend £16 on it.  Well, I can sniff out a bargain at 50 paces and saw it on offer at £4.  Rude not to buy it.

I finally got around to ordering gravel for the back and courtyard gardens.  Jewson said they could deliver by the Ton bag, so paid up and waited in the next day.  Decided to walk Milo, so left a note on the door for them to contact my next door neighbour who would explain where to drop the bag off.  An hour later, I turned into the road to see a bag of gravel at the top of the lane; I live at the bottom!  They couldn't get the lorry down.  Bugger.  Luckily the lovely Dudley from next door (who must be late 60's) grabbed his wheel barrow and a shovel and helped me shift it all! Back breaking, but now the back garden is finished and I am so chuffed with it.  Admittedly, not the best picture, but it has been raining here since 2008 - well it feels like it anyway.  

I have also had my first harvest from the Bramble Cottage veggie garden!  Not very exciting, but home grown none the less!

The really big news is that I now have a logo for my little craft business!  I contacted the adorable Laura from Cupcakes for Clara and she agreed to design a logo for me.  Her first email contained 4 'sketches' as a rough draft and I loved them all, but decided on this one! I love it!  
I already have an Etsy shop which is empty at the moment, but plans are afoot to fill it with lots of lovely things.  Watch this space, as soon as it goes 'live'  I will post about it and include discounts for my faithful blog readers! ;0) 

Been busy using felt this week.  I love proper wool felt, not that synthetic stuff that sets your teeth on edge.  Scotties were very popular last year at the craft fair and I even made a few custom orders!  I found a wonderful craft shop in Frankfurt and they sell every colour of wool felt you can imagine.  It took a lot of restraint, well, some, but I picked up this stunning sage green and pale lilac.

After a bit of cutting, sewing, stuffing and tinkering, the brooches are done -

How cute?

I just have to work out how to print my logo onto fabric and then I can start sewing shopping bags and hot water bottle covers.  I have already made labels for the paper bags (just need to make products to put in the bags) and have ordered the most amazing stickers from Moo! which look fantastic.  It is all coming together nicely now.  

I have decided to do the Michaelmas Fair in September and will be in Studio 12 (Maggie's) for both days (not in the main hall this time).   Better get my backside in gear and I have nothing to sell yet! Started my making some damson & lemon jam today.  The kitchen smells lovely.  

The 'front' garden that is on the lane has had a makeover.  Lots of weeding, digging in compost, muck and planting & it starting to look nice.  The local family-run garden centre is great for cottage plants, so tried to stick to those. Money is a bit tight, so was horrified spending £70 there this week, but needs must.  It is nice when people walk past and comment on how good it is looking.  A few more weeks and things will start to fill out and flower.  

Pru had a few lady problems this week and was put in the hospital bay (a box in the shed) for a bit of TLC.  She was still quiet the following day, but is now fine.  Cornelia then refused to walk and when I nudged her, she was limping badly.  I gave her arnica pillules for a couple of days and she is now fine. Must have been a sprain.  She even laid a lovely dark brown egg! (Her first since April, the little madam)!  

I have another week off now, as Mum and Dad are away, so I have Milo sitting duties.  I love it.  We go out walking 3 times a day (his rules, not mine) and I have a saddo app on my iphone that tracks the walks.  We are averaging 5 miles a day!  No wonder I am losing/maintaining my weight.  I am due back on the 24th, so Jase will be dog sitting overnight.  I am sure Milo will keep him entertained.  

I will leave you with a thought for the day -

Sorry I have been away for so long.  I will be back soon, I promise.  

C x x x


  1. Great blog as usual!! Really missed your posts!

    Love the scotties. Are you gonna make keyhangers with them? If you are then I would LOVE to have one of those.

    Milo still as cute as ever! Your garden looks really nice. You did very well.


  2. Christian is back! Great to have you back. Great blog too. We're getting a puppy in July. Companionship and weight loss all wrapped up in a little ball of fur - perfect. In this awful weather I thought of a new line for you - dog coats. I'd buy one.
    The Peters family

  3. Glad to see you back and industrious as ever - even though you profess not to be.

    Gardens are looking fabulous. You have created a wonderful piece of heaven in Christians Cottage

  4. Lovely reading on a Sunday morning in the CRC whilst on stand by. Just bumped into J, good to catch up on the gossip.
    Chat soon

  5. The Garden looks amazing! both front and back! And I'm sure your photography is getting even better, if that's possible!! Sorry that you've been lonely. Sending you a big hug, and yes, it's great to have the blogger back!

  6. Greetings from South-west Scotland.
    Was beginning to get worried. Good to have you back. Looking forward to the new site - missing the jams and chutneys.

  7. Lovely to see you back on here, I love reading about you and Milo and your cottage garden is looking lovely :)

    Take care Wx

  8. Can't wait for your Etsy ahop to open. Your garden is looking stunning


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