Monday, July 16, 2012

Can a whale get a tan?

Hello everyone!

I am back from Portugal!  8 days at a friend's villa.  Sunbathing, eating prawns and garlic and doing bugger all.  It was bliss.

My tan started fading the second the aircraft left the runway in Faro.  I still have quite an impressive ultra white little backside, thanks to the speedos I was wearing all week.  Baring in mind the fragile state of the economy in Portugal, I didn't think it wise to go out in public in them. The few tourists there were, would have been frightened home!

I used my annual free ticket and it was touch and go.  I managed to get a seat allocated at the gate, so that was good.  We usually book a full fare ticket and rarely use staff travel, but it was so expensive this year.  Apparently there is some sporting event on or something??

Jase and I got back last night and caught the train from Gatwick to my Parents' house.  A wonderful greeting from Milo, lots of squeaks and bum wagging (him), a proper cup of tea, then back to Bramble Cottage.  Today was washing day.  The worst bit about a holiday. :0(

I took Milo for a walk in the mud, freezing cold and pouring rain.  A different world from Faro, with blue skies and warm days.  Ho hum, back to reality now.

Mum and Dad picked up Milo again, as I am due back to work at 7ish tomorrow. A five day block, starting with Milan for the night tomorrow - nice and warm - and then Edinburgh for the night on Wednesday - not so nice and warm!

Not much else to report really.  The garden is a jungle, so I did a bit of tidying up and tying back of plants.  The hens are laying really well and I came back to 4 boxes of eggs that my next door neighbours had collected whilst I was away.

I have the fire lit now as it is so cold.  Shocked that it is July.  Waiting for summer, hoping that August/September/October will be better.  It can't be any worse.

No pictures I'm afraid as I didn't take my camera with me.  It looked so dodgy with the flights I didn't want to check a bag in, so managed with hand luggage.  Was actually quite impressed at how little I needed.  Speedos and P20 sun tan lotion and I was away!  I did buy 2 kilos of garlic though.  The bulbs are huge and I plan to pickle them for the Michaelmas fair.  I made 10 jars last year and they sold well.  The smell in my trolley bag may take a while to go.

The fire is crackling away now and I think it's time for a last cuppa then bed.  Up early to head to the airport......

Night night all!

C x x x


  1. So glad you see you back. I know that I shouldn't but its your fault - I can't stop giggling when I read your first sentence - then your discription of your white 'rear of the year'

    Missing you

  2. We dont get enough of your blogs Christian - glad you had some sun. Roll on next week - off to Cyprus. Ali

  3. : )
    Lovely blog post, glad you are well xxx

  4. It's about time for an update Christian, really enjoy reading your blog.
    No burnt panini stories though ;-)


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