Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When is a corner, not a corner......?

...when Christian is trying to crochet!

Evening all!

Just a quick update on life at Bramble Cottage.

Milo is doing well and I have had a few visitors this week.  He is interested at first, but soon wanders off when people ignore him.  Training is working slowly!  No growling or nipping in weeks!!

I have the window man coming on Friday, he has been warned!  I need a new bedroom window and don't want to put UPVC in the house.  Wooden double glazed windows cost the earth, but that is what I would like.  Will get the bedroom one done first as the curtains moving with the wind is freaking me out now!  2 needed in the kitchen and finally the spare room one day.

Cannot believe it is the 16th of May and I have the fire lit.  It's my Birthday in 3 days and it is always nice and sunny.  The cold weather has tempted me to relight Stanley the Rayburn, but I don't have loads of oil left and wanted to save a bit as it is supposed to be summer!  Will need to order more soon, as the price has dropped a bit.

I have now sold 8 boxes of eggs from the front door!  Business is booming! When the weather is better I might even put a few jars of jam outside.  You never know?

Elsbeth and Agnes are laying well, Pru a couple of times a week and Cornelia is clamped to the nest.  Still.  5 weeks that hen has been grumpy and fluffed up, with little concern for her house mates, as she barges them out of the way to get to dried mealworms and mixed corn.  She is in for a shock when she stops being broody.  I think the others are tolerating her mood swings as she is hormonal.  God help her when she snaps out of it!

Just back from a quick stroll round the field with Milo.  I have to say, when it is sunnyish and not raining, the eye candy and their dogs go walking!  A couple of very suitable attractions were out this evening!

Had another mini crochet lesson today, thanks to Jen at Beaker Button at the Weyhill Fairground.  I'm still incompetent when it comes to squares, can't seem to figure out what a corner is.  Slightly concerned by my lack of ability, but it'll all fall into place. Unfortunately, a new fabric shop has opened next door, so I can fuel my addiction within 45 seconds of the front door.  They even stock Moda fabrics, so if you don't see me for a while, I'll be hiding amongst bolts of fabric at The Fairground...........

Time to switch off the laptop and do some reading.  Am totally into the Game of Thrones series of books and cannot seem to find enough time to sit and read.  I no longer have Sky tv, so can't watch the latest series on the box.  Will have to wait for the dvds.

Night night everyone.

C x x


  1. Stick with the crochet - it gets easier. In the swinging 60's crochet dresses were all the fashion - so on the spur of the moment I decided to crochet a mini dress for myself. Never knitted or crocheted in my life - but it was incredibly easy - it being a mini dress might have had something to do with it!!!

  2. A temporary measure is this stuff

  3. CHristian, where are you? It's been a month since you last posted!
    Hope you're OK, Hazel

  4. Yes Christian. I keep checking and all I see is 'when is a corner not a corner' so look forward to your blogs. Please update soon.

  5. Sorry!! Will update later I promise!


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